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W8R3 Stomach Burning!

i completed run 3 this morning after a few days break because tbh I couldn't face it after run 2. I took a note of how I felt in my body so after 5 minute walk the first 5 minutes of running was battling negative thoughts. The next 10 minutes was ok. I've battled my breathing, I don't have aches and pains but oh the burn, burn burn of my stomach. During the first weeks I never had this problem only as I'm covering longer times. I can't remember having this problem on run 1. Run 2 I felt awful but had a glass of wine the night before. Won't be doing that again. 

I usually have porridge, plain yoghurt and raspberries. Had toast this morning. Surely that wouldn't make a difference?

Any advice?

Many thanks

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Heartburn?! Can get Omeprazol from the doc if bad enough which takes heartburn away. Avoid eating 2-3 hours before running,  experiment with your food, wouldn't have thought a glass of wine would be a problem, I've had more than that and not a problem, but people are different..😊


It's like heartburn but more painful. I was eating onLy an hour before running and then when the runs got longer I increased to two hours. I think experimenting is the key.


I've had that, especially when I go out on cold days. It could also be side stitch? Maybe hydrate about an hour or two before running?

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I did read about hydrating and did it a few times. I must try that again. Thanks


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