Wish me luck x

Well here goes... GOING out thismorning to see what I'm capable OF. 

Two weeks been on the IC, with knee trouble..and feel ready to test it out, 

Struggled with a battle of will with myself most of yesterday.. but got up thismorning and layed my kit out help to syike myself up... So kids packed lunches ready..time to get them ready for school then I'm off :) was on w8r2 so I am just going to get out and push myself see how I get on.. Gremlins are a mustering :(

4 Replies

  • If you haven't gone... good luck... will look out for your post! :)

  • Good luck, be careful 

  • Ooh - good luck! You'll be fine and we can read a jubilant post!

  • Slow and steady, slow and steady :)

    Really excited to hear you're tentatively getting back out there, just be very, very careful :)

    Good luck C :)

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