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Feeling accomplished !!

We (me and my son) have completed week 4 today.  After a terrible start - 5 minutes seemed forever, needed longer recovery walk, and walked agin.  Next two much better, completed as per plan.  Can't quite see how we will manage 20 minutes next Sunday , but that's 2 runs away.   My only niggle is what feels like a touch of shin splints 😐 Any advice?

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First of all, slowing down is the key to running longer.  Speed can come much later but as you work through the programme, run times increase so partly your fitness will improve but to help, nice slow and steady.  Breathing needs to be slow and relaxed too so the oxygen keeps moving round!  With the shins, see how you are after a rest day, maybe try running on soft ground, grass is perfect - it works your legs harder but impact on shins and knees is so much less

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