I need to buy some trainers

Hello again, I need some more advice! I need to buy some more trainers as I've had mine for about 8 years and they're falling apart. I'm at uni so am on a tight budget of around £30-£35. I don't really know what I'm looking for and as I'm only a beginner I'm wondering if it matters? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

*Update* Thank you for your advice, I have ordered these: amazon.co.uk/Karrimor-Ladie...

Let's see if they're any good! 

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  • I bought myself some karrimor trail running shoes from sports direct for just over£20 they are really comfy for my feet and have high arch support, going to buy another pair while they are still on sale as I like them so much, but it will depend on your feet and running style too.

  • Fellow student here and mum to 2 teens so know all about running on a shoestring...

    I got some karrimor on ebay for around £18, cheap but good trainers are out there if you know where to look. 

    Good luck, happy running :)

  • I bought a pair of Karrimor tempo3 shoes from sports direct, and although they felt great the soles fell off after a month, but maybe worth the risk for the price as nice and cheap.. I have since bought 2 pairs of new balance shoes and they're great but a lot dearer..😊

  • I have the tempo 3 ones, they're about 2 months old now and so far so good. I will keep an eye on them now after what you've said...

  • That was about a year ago, so maybe just a bad batch back then, yes keep an eye on them..

  • Just bought a pair of karrimore trail shoes at sports direct going to christen them weds 

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