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Week 4 Run 1 Completed!

Hi everyone. 

After posting on here a few weeks ago about the pain in my legs and how defeated I felt after W1 R1 I can't believe I finished the first run of week 4 today and loved every minute of it! Okay, 'loved' may be a bit OTT but I enjoyed it even if it was hard work. When I was told by the app that I had one minute left it felt like the longest minute of my life but I did it!

After sticking to the same route for the first three weeks I decided to try a different one today. I was in two minds whether to do this at the start of a new week, not to mention a week where the running time is increased by some margin but I'm glad I did, it really did add to the enjoyment of the run. Today was also the first time I felt like I was really running if that makes sense? 

Today was also my first run in the rain. I was debating whether to wait to see if the rain stopped or to put the run off until tomorrow but in the end I got out there and actually loved getting wet whilst I ran. My main worry was my phone getting wet but it was fine!

I've now decided that my running days will be Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. I did intend to just go out every second day but I think I prefer having set days like this. It means it'll take me longer to finish C25K but that doesn't bother me. I'm just so happy that I started it. My only regret is I didn't do it years ago!

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It's cool, you can say 'loved' on here... we do it a lot :)

Well done you anyway, you are on the way. 

Rain running is fun... not always, and on my run this morning, not very much so, but most of the time:)

Onwards an upwards, in your own way. 

Following your own path, you have no footsteps to follow  :)

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I did W4 R1 yesterday. I agree it was the first time I felt like I was running. Can't wait for tomorrow. 

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Aha! Those are the same days as me! I found the set days worked for me too. It's amazing how much progress you make, quite quickly, following the plan.  Well done!


I can't believe that I turned down going out tonight and said  that I actually wanted to run. W4R1 was okay despite getting cramp, having a dog stop me in my tracks, messages beeping on my phone confusing me on when to stop and finally stepping into dog poo!. Even so distance was not too bad and I am still enjoying. A bit worried that cramp is not something else. I have had it all night.


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