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Running at '10 to 2'

Opinions please! When I walk my feet spread and would point to '10 to 2' on a clock face.  When I saw th video of my recent gait analysis as I ran they looked like Donald Duck's flippers flapping away to the sides!! My question is, should I try to correct this as I run, or stick with the gait I've had all my life?  I can argue that either may lead to injury in the long run.  I am just about to start week 4 so the running is ramping up!!

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I've never thought of this...  I'd probably keep running as is for now, your body has probably accommodated to your stride.  Maybe you even ran like that as a kid.  It would be worth asking at your next doctor's appointment or checking with a physio if you get any pain.  

What did the folks doing the analysis say?


There's not much you can do about the direction your feet point, save from an operation, which is a bit extreme.

Besides, if the people conducting your gait analysis didn't pick up on it, then why stress about it?

Have a look at the gait and feet of Nigel Amos , Olympic 800m silver medallist at London. If memory serves me well, his feet point outward as well.

Have they caused you any difficulty so far?


Thanks guys. The gait analysis was that I needed 'neutral' trainers as I have no pronation. No, I've had no problems to date - I guess it was just seeing myself run on the screen really brought it home!


its such a difficult question to answer, everybody is different.  I can only comment on myself.  Long before I started running I suffered with sacroiliac joint problems.  Sometimes being in agony for weeks.  It wasn't until I was referred for physio it came to light it was because I walked with my feet pointing out.  I know this was due to a lot of ballet when I was younger I always used to walk that way purposely.  All I would say is stretch your glutes to help keep your joints protected and if you get any long term niggles have them looked at. Prevention is a lot easier than  injury, not that I think you are going to get injured. 


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