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Need an injection of motivation

I've technically graduated now i think... didn't follow it until week 9 but now run 30-40 mins a time doing a 5k most of the time. But I'm struggling with motivation to go out especially being really busy at the moment (dam you medical school and work). 

How can i adjust to being a morning runner? i hate mornings as it is but i feel like its the only time i can physically run at the moment as i want to keep it up!

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I've not graduated yet, but is it worth following some sort of structured programme and setting yourself some goals to work towards? I believe there are a range of C25K+ programmes available. I think one of the reasons I've stuck with it is the structured sessions and the progress you make, and I'd like to be able to maintain that after graduation, to stop myself getting too bored.

I do early morning runs, in the main. Get everything ready the night before, then just pull your running stuff on, grab your phone and head out of the door before you've had too long to think about it. I find it really sets me up for the day, and I would never have said I was a morning person.


I love morning runs, and always feel physically and mentally energized for the day ahead.

I'm planning to start running to work (4.5 miles) once I have done some hill work.

I was working away from home and found my runs helped me significantly with work challenges.  That's what kept me going through the early weeks of the program. 


I'll echo vivster - lay out your kit the previous night so it's just a case of rolling out of bed and getting moving.  It's the only way I managed to get running at 5am this morning!


Hi there,

I've started running at 6 am----I don't like getting up early but there are so many benefits that I have made it a priority to run early.

 I find after an early morning run I feel so good and the feeling lasts all day. Life just seems better.

I think once you try it you will know what I mean.

Good luck and enjoy your running.


I find mornings harder as I feel my tank is empty. Prefer early evenings.


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