Bad times!

I knew it had to happen soon ........ got over confident with my running, increasing my distance gradually each week until I got to 10k + Then came Easter and I had a 10 day break. Big mistake! First run back thought I would do an easy 5-6k - what a struggle. Still, I thought 'never mind it will get better!' Went out gain last night and disaster! For the first time ever I changed my route midway half way up a hill I decided I had enough, turned round and headed home. I managed 7.7k but I probably walked 0.7k of it. The distance wasn't what worried me, it was how I felt after! It was worse than week 1! Today I felt like I have been hit by a train, I'm aching all over! When I've had bad runs in the past I know it's all in my head but this is my legs! Some one please tell me this will get better!


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12 Replies

  • I'm scared of this aswell (it's happened in the past). But you know it will get better - because it did before when you did the programme. Maybe go back even further, just a 4K run. Nice and easy, slow. Enjoy. Rediscover why you love running. Does it really have to be 10k every time? Don't let a bad run put you off. As I said it's my big fear at the moment, but I hope I'm strong enough this time not to give up - if I get into the same situation. 

  • Thank you, it's so frustrating though! Going out early in the morning so may just try a 4k run with the option to add on if things are going ok! 

  • I think after a ten day break you gave yourself a big ask there.  A gentle jog round the block just to get your legs ticking over will do to ease you back into it. Your aching limbs tell you that you attempted too much. Rest up now and then go again, but just modestly and slowly. You'll get back into it.

  • Thank you , hindsight is a wonderful thing! I should have used some common sense and not pushed it so far. A gentle trot in the morning should get me back on track. 

  • It will get better. There. Feel better now? Sounds like you bit off more that your legs could chew, kiddo... nice and gentle when you go back after a break. I've been there before, seen that and sweated in that T-shirt ;) Don't worry, it'll get better. It will. 

  • Think I have got a little cocky! Always managed to go back to where I left off! I should know better at my age!

  • It is easy to carried away with the euphoria of our new found running abilities, alas our bodies take a little longer to adjust and recover.

    Be kind to yourself , take things easier and slower, build back up gradually , your body will like you more for it :) 

  • That's so true, since Christmas each run has been do- able with always something left in the tank, I should remember I'm an old codger and treat myself with a little more respect!

  • It's going to happen! It happened to me 6 weeks before my first HM. Here's the deal, you will get passed this, you will learn to respect your body (warm up, stretch , warm down , stretch) there is a reason athletes do this. Why do we think we can avoid this? Stick with it, you are already awesome

  • Thanks, Its all to easy to get complacent and take it all for granted. I worked hard to get where I am so I should be kinder to myself!

  • Oops! Of course it will get better, we all I think tend to do this. It is hard to back peddle and just run less. Next run make it short and build up every time. It'll be more fun than all this pain. You'll be back at 10k in no time.

  • Thank you everyone for your encouragement and advice. I went out early this morning and concentrated on my surroundings and the peace and quiet rather than the time and distance. It was fine! Lesson learned!

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