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Over the summer I have got a lot slower at running. I thought it was due to the heat so I assumed I would speed up again when it cooled down. However it has been cooler recently but I have not improved in the slightest. In fact I did my worse time ever this week. I had originally aimed to try and do 5k in 30 mins and the closest I have got it 32.30 back in the beginning of June. I thought that the more I run the faster I would get but it is the opposite.

So I thought that I would try and step up to a 10k as I feel I would be better at distance rather than speed. I have seen training plans but they all require you to time it yourself. I was wondering whther there was a free podcast like the C25K which would tell me when to run and stuff which would get me up to 10k?


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  • I love Sami Murphy, Bridge to 10k which is available free to download from here. There's probably a link in blue text on the right hand side of the screen. If not, just do a search for it and it should be here. It is five weeks worth but not to worry if you get stuck. I got well bogged down on week 4 but it's great and the music is really good. All the lyrics are carefully chosen to inpsire you when you're flagging. I love it and run them randomly as they pop up on my playlist

    She doesn't say much but will tell you when to run and went to slow down, start, slow down, go home and rest, etc.

    I love 10 k! Great distance and in many ways easier than 5k. Long enough for you to hit your stride, settle into some comfy running before having to cool down. I wouldn't worry about being slower. It happens to us all. I don't know why though.

  • It doesn't sound like it would be easier but I feel I am a lot better if I have a goal. Otherwise I just end up not running much at all as I don't really enjoy the process only once you have finished!

  • I'm a fan of Sami Murphy too. The first podcast is a bit dodgy - her voice is a bit faint I think. It's the same format as C25K - run walk combination over 9 weeks, 3 times a week. The last week is 1 solid hour. She gives 5 minutes warm up & cool down, tells you when to take a walking break & when to run. She's not Laura but I like her☺

  • Where do you download them? I just need someone to tell me when to start and go and not having to faff around with timing it myself!

  • Have you been & had your iron level etc checked just to rule out any medical reason as to why you've got slower

  • I haven't really been tired though. I just don't run very fast. Last week I felt like I had a lot more in the tank and just ran my second fastest split! So I don't really know what it is!

  • I third the Sami Murphy podcasts and second having your iron levels checked. I was getting slower and slower then tried to give blood. Then they told me I needed my blood more than them! 3 months of iron tablets later I am now over a minute a km faster than before (2 mins faster than my slowest) and over double the distance. I'm still not fast by any means though. Good luck with it all!

  • I'm scared of the doctors so I wouldn't want to get it checked! How fast would you tend to run a 5k?

  • I'm not quick - you are quicker than me, but since I started the iron tablets my 5km has gone from 44 minutes to (on a good day) 34 mins but I'm training for a half marathon in two weeks so have been concentrating on distance over speed. The major other sign of anaemia with me was how breathless I was - that is so much better now. I hope you find the answer but just remember to take it slow if you need to.

  • Oh and hopefully this link will work to the additional podcasts including the Sami Murphy ones.

  • Cant help much with podcasts, i just added a mile to my long weekend run every week and built up to 12 miles in my longest run for half marathon training back in june. But i just wanted to share that just like you, my speed since then has slowed down by a good minute or so and i have no idea why, especially because i was making good distance and speed progress, so you arent alone in that mystery. Keep on running i guess :)

  • I wasn't sure whether i would be attempting too much if i added a 1km each week! Its so annoying that I have slowed down. I felt like I was just getting into the swing on it!

  • Make sure you eat really well, lots of good healthy protein, fruit and veg to keep your running legs ticking along nicely

    You can get slower before you get faster, it's just part of the process of developing your running. No quick fix, just lots of slow, easy running. Don't be in a hurry to speed up. Your fitness has to be up to the job and that takes time.

    10 k is a lot easier in my view as you have a longer distance in which to warm up, hit your stride, find your run rhythm, get your breathing on an even keel before thinking about your cool down. 5ks are much more frenetic as you don't have the time to pack it all in such a short distance without having to hurry up. 10k is a more mellow affair I think you'll find

    Take care, and have fun!

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