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Week 5, run 2 - done!!

I actually can't believe it after the nightmare I'd had with w5r1 but thanks to the encouragement I got on here I went for it anyway and I did it! It was a lovely cool evening, no wind, slightly drizzling at first and the sun was just setting.

The first 8 minutes were great, really easy. I thought it had only been a couple of minutes when Laura said I'd done 4 so I picked up the pace ever so slightly (just managing to keep up with the snails instead of them overtaking me lol ;-P). I really didn't need 5 minutes to recover either and I found the walking interrupted my rhythm and was quite boring. Then after that the second 8 minutes were much harder, I really wanted to stop at 4 minutes but instead I slowed down a lot and kept going. The rubbish music REALLY does not help!!

I'm quite embarrassed at how slow I am but I'm doing it and hopefully pace will come eventually. Meanwhile bring on the first big one, w5r3 on Tuesday!!!

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Don't even concern yourself with pace right now, it's all about getting the time under your belt.  Going slow will serve you well on Tuesday - good luck!

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Well done. I go slow too. You did it!

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