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Couch to 5K
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Off the IC!

Am officially off the IC after a very undramatic and ridiculous wobble off the pavement a few weeks ago. I didn't think my ankle was that bad and I ran on it for my graduation out of pure determination but in hindsight (yes, that old thing!) it was definitely not a good idea!!! Ankle swelling took 2 weeks to disappear so by last Wednesday I was literally raring to get out on the open road! I planned to do 15 mins to test my foot out but did 20 and still had plenty of spring and juice to keep going but was very sensible and remembered I didn't want to go back to the couch so soon and did a brisk walk home! Since then I've completed 2 runs of 25 mins and feel back on track for a 30 minuter, with the aim to build up to 35 mintues and crack that 5K!!

Am thinking about signing up for the local park run - very scary but there I've said it now - so it's more than just a thought - it's a possibility!

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Well you've told us know so we'll hold you to it!

Glad you're up and running again!


Well done, glad you are on the road back , build back up gradually and take those rest days :) 


That sounds like a sensible approach. Glad your ankle is clearing up.


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