Feeling scared

Hi I'm new to posting.  I started this journey before Christmas but due to illness and childcare problems I am still on week3.  I am amazed at how I am able to run! I do have concerns with moving on to week 4.  My legs ache but I do also feel that I struggle to get my breath.  Will this get easier?   I have set myself a goal so I need to power through.  Any tips welcomed. Jo


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  • Yes, it will get easier. Just slow down a bit if you struggle too much with your breathing; allow your heart and lungs to adapt at the pace that is right for you.

    Stick to the brillian work you are already doing and you'll surely get to the end of the programme.

  • Thank you.  I've been reading everyones posts and the support is inspiring.   I registered for the race for life in june and would love to run/jog.  Week 4 day 1 here I come.

  • Hi :)

    Main thing is that you are still/back to doing it.

    Just keep slow and steady. Everyone says it but it's because it's true!

    Can't lie, I found week 4 hard and repeated it but I haven't looked back since :) ( just did wk8r1 today)

    I also wasn't on the forum until my repeat week and hadn't accepted that slow meant s l o w if that's what was needed to finish a section.

    Keep posting now, it really helps to get some feedback.

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks jt24 it seems quite a jump.  Happy to take it slow. Will post again.

  • I think the key is probably to simply slow down. If you are gasping for breath too much it's generally because you're going too fast. Slow is good at this stage. 

    Good luck!

  • I thought it got easier but on the other hand you are still pushing yourself each week, so some element of struggle may still be involved. 

  • Hi Jo! Have you ever done any yoga? I ask because learning how to do yogic breathing has genuinely helped my running no end. When I ran at school I felt like I was going to die because I didn't know how to breathe to avoid that feeling. I think that's partly what put me off running all these years. I did pilates and yoga before attempting c25k and it has made a huge difference. I know that might not be practical in terms of a class or anything but there's lots of videos on YouTube that could help. If you're not interested in that then that's fair enough! :)

  • Hi miss_august thanks for you message.   I might give it a go.  Always need to relax.  Will investigate the Web.  Thanks for the tips. Jo

  • The best ones are by Adrienne, she does a vid called 'runner's yoga' which is designed to help you relax and breathe and also stretch the relevant muscles. I found it great for my hip joints. She also has a warm-up and cool down video but I've not tried them yet!

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