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C25k+ stepping stone

Have now run this podcast twice out of my 3 runs this week. Found it relatively easy to follow the pace during the first run, even though I had doubts beforehand. You know you are probably running at a quicker pace than before but because you are running at a 'steady' pace for the whole 30 minutes (albiet 150/155/166 beats per minute) you at least know you are not running too fast or too slow because Laura keeps popping up to check your pace.

I always find that during a free free run I always end up doubting how fast/slow I'm going.....if I start puffing I assume I'm going too fast and slow up a bit then if I get a second wind then I think I'm running too slow so I tell myself to speed up.

So this podcast is ideal because even when Laura is not checking up on you the accompanying music is spot on with the appropriate pace and is really easy to follow (if you can)....

During todays run I did drop off the pace a few times during the 155bpm and 160bpm but i found the wind was a nightmare this morning.

I'd rather it was wet and cold than wet and windy.

Still managed a couple of sub 29 min 5k's so can't complain and every run I do must be helping me improve....I hope.

Catch you all laters................Hope everyone has a great Easter and manages to get a run in before Katie arrives

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WEll done !  I really like the Stepping Stones podcasts. I know they are tricky and a bit quick, quick, slow but I like the mixture of tempo's. It keeps your legs guessing!  It will make you a better runner.  

It was very windy out there today but I got in before the rain started. Twice in a row I've pulled that off. 

Happy Easter to you too!


I like these podcasts especially the Speed one. I'm going back to them having tried a bridge to 10k programme that was too much for me. Once these podcasts are "easy" then I'll look for something else. But they're great for developing technique and speed. Combined with an app that measures distance you can really chart your improvement too. 

Keep going, it's all good!


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