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Wk9 Run 1 - 2 to go

Hi, Mark here - started the course in the new year and am nearly there.

Have been aiming for 3 runs a week but a couple of calf and ankle niggles have taken the odd week out.

Did my first run of the final week yesterday while i was up in Scotland for work. In Falkirk.

Noticed there was a lovely looking park there - Callendar - and set off early at 7.30am but made the mistake of picking a route that meant running in woods for the first 10 minutes... it was all up hill and very muddy. Battled on with a quick 10 second breather at the peak of the climb to gather my thoughts and reassure myself to get out of the woods asap and find the park area for a flatter run.

Managed to push on to do the 5k in 32 minutes and it was an enjoyable run once i got out of the quagmire of the woods!

Now hope to do the final 2 runs tomorrow and on Monday.

Overall, i've found Couch to 5K very helpful. Had a couple of bad runs in Feb where i had to stop after 15 minutes but repeated them once i'd got over the niggles. All runs have been done on the roads near my house. Falkirk was the first change.

Have a tendency to go off a little too fast which hampers the final 3k but now looking at a comfortable average pace of 5min 45secs per 5km with a burst at the end.

Don't think i have lost much weight (6ft 2, 95kg) yet but noticeable change in muscle definition in the chest and shoulder area. Hope to keep it going now it's summer. Tend to run while it's dark outside!

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Well done- it can be hard work! 

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One more down... one to go. Tried at the weekend but shin hurt so had to stop after 20mins.

Tried again tonight and 30 minutes done.



Last run just now. Love it.


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