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Week 6 Run 2: it's a beautiful day 🙂

Good Friday and it's a glorious day here in London. Feels like the first properly nice day of the year.

I've been a little low the last couple of days. I was back at the eye hospital on Wednesday for another injection IN MY EYE!! 😣😣😣 never much fun. Not too sore this time but I woke up with tummy ache in the night and then yesterday at work was just tedious and I was tired and grumpy and hungry and tummy achey.

Anyway, after that I wasn't up for an early run this morning. I really needed to catch up on my sleep and have some breakfast first (hot cross buns!). Took my husband for company. First 10 mins were great, a beautiful sunny day and I was barely sweating. The second 10 minutes were much tougher and I was cursing the sun and trying to ignore the gremlins. Tired legs though and I was slow around the 6-8 minute mark but I did it. The last of the intervals. Eep 😶

Oh yeah. Does there have to be a song that goes "it's not so easy now" in the last 3 minutes?!

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Well done Vivster, how did it compare w5 r3 ?


Thanks Patrick. I'd say easier than W5R3. The 3 minute break really helps refresh you. Good luck with week 6.

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Extremely well done ! :)


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