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a day late because yesterday Moring my body was telling me give it a rest for today. however this morning up and at it with Laura in my ears  with a selection of really cheesy positive thinking message songs, which do make me smile :-)

Run was hard work, my breathing is not as easy as I should imagine it should be, cant find my stride as yet but I am pushing on and completing all the runs. this week has been the hardest so far but reading other posts it is part of the progression to becoming a runner so facing it with determination and the attitude that I want to achieve that long term goal of running every day in my 90's and enjoying life to the full !!

in meantime feels like my thigh muscles are about to burst through my skin !! so taking a relaxing Good Friday.

will keep you posted


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Well done Nick

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Go Nick... I am planning on being able to run, or at least shuffle in my 90s...and so much closer than you!!! :)

Positive attitude, determination and just hanging on in there... you will do this ! :)

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Now that's what I call a fabulous goal to have! There's no reason why you won't be running at that age, just keep the runs very slow and steady. Well done!


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