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Now I know why we have rest days!

I have a really busy week this week including taking 30 year 6 children away for the weekend so I had to squeeze in my 3 runs. Did W6r1 no problems last night but had to fit w6r2 in tonight. I couldn't manage it. I am so ashamed and angry! Halfway through the second 10 min run I couldn't do anymore, my legs just couldn't carry on.  I walked for a minute then went back up to pace. I wasn't running fast, in fact slower than usual if anything. I did add an extra minute on the end to make up for it.

I just wonder now, sitting here in pain. Whether I should do the run again on Thursday or do the next run. What do you all think? Up until now I have managed everything else, not easily but no issues really. Advice welcome...

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Dont do runs on consecutive days is my advice.

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But what about the next run w6r3 or repeat w6r2. I can't take back the mistake I made but where do I go from here?


I think you should repeat the run , you will feel better having done it fully, just chalk this one to experience that consecutive days are not the best idea especially when you have been really busy as well!


I agree with the above - definitely wait at least a day between runs. I have done two in a row a couple of times and regretted it. 

It's also worth noting that lots of people, including me (both times I've done it), on this forum have found week 6 runs 1 and 2 really difficult, which can be unexpected if you managed to run non-stop for 20 mins at w5r3 - it's frustrating! I would suggest you rerun w6r2 so that you have the satisfaction of knowing you've completed it, but it's up to you ultimately. 

Finally, not sure where you are based but I have found my past couple of runs a lot tougher than normal because of the heat/humidity here in London - could that be an additional factor?

Don't be angry at yourself - everyone has bad runs - take care of yourself instead! :)


Thanks LinaLamont and Rignold. I know I shouldn't have run on consecutive days but was so elated after the w5r3 20 mins thing. I didn't want to miss runs this week but the schedule didn't let me fit them all in. I promise I won't do it again. I will try w6r2 again on Thursday and leave w6r3 for next Monday.  

I don't think heat and humidity have affected me as I run at the gym. But it was also good to hear that other people have found this week tough.

Thanks all


I remember finding w6r3 much easier than w6r1 and 2 so you have that to look forward to :) good luck! 


I agree with everything in the above comments. Just want to stress that you should not feel ashamed and angry with yourself after a difficult run. We all experience them once in a while and they are irritating but they often teach us something about our running if we listen. Like in your case, to not skip rest days. So in running you either succeed or you learn. You never fail!


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