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Me again

Ok so I've posted a couple of times and you lovely people have replied X seems I may have initially downloaded the wrong app but very confusing as its a green nhs app called couch to 5k my daughter says it's the brightly coloured yellow change 4 life app I need c25k however I can't find this in the App Store?! Am I being a numpti or is this no longer available ? All help gratefully received ;-) xx

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If you go to the NHS Choices home page, you should be able to download the podcast and the app from there. I'm useless with technology so it took me ages to do this but I wish you luck in both the download quest and the C25K journey.


I would use the podcasts not the Ap. Comments from experienced folk on here suggest they are more reliable plus you can download them and thus not worry about having a constant data connection when out. I've found them great though I'm only on week 2


Here you go! You have to run with Laura! .


Is it me or has Laura disappeared? Went to go for my week 8 run this morning and C25K app had disappeared from my phone......when I downloaded it again I had Jo Whiley instead!!! How can I get Laura back?


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