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Me again

Hi all,, just done day 2 of wk1 I took on board all the comments and yeah.. I stayed out the 30 mins, i went slower on my brisk walk and managed 4 and 1/2 of the jogs. The music was a good idea , it took my mind of concentrating how much was to go. I just carried on walking if I felt I could not jog anymore. I think I will be in few weeks on week 1 but as a lot of you have said this is normal and not to worry. It's not a race or a competition.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments.

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Well done - keep it up!


Well done for getting out there, that is fab!! It really doesn't matter how long it takes and look you already have increased the number of jogs. Keep going.

I also found looking ahead and telling myself right get to that tree or lampost works. Then try getting to the next (make sure they are not too far in the distance) helped to take my mind off running. I use this technique still now.


If a remember rightly that's more than a 100% improvement on your first outing so well done ! Slow, music, whatever works for you as long as you do the time.....

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Good for you. Just keep it up. Keep repeating week 1 until you are happy that you can manage all 8 run intervals. Once that's under your belt, you can move onto week 2. It took a lot of us more than 9 weeks to complete the programme. The important thing is that you are getting out there.


Well done Susan on keeping going. I'm new here too just completed W2R1. I was the same as you, I thought it would take me a good couple of weeks on week 1 but on my 3rd run I was just amazed. You're absolutely right to go at your pace, my fear is pushing myself too far and then quitting. So I just go at my own slow speed.

Listen to Laura, she certainly knows what she is on about.

Keep up the good work 👍


Good on you Susan!! You're doing great :)



Well done. Seeing an improvement already! You can do this.


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