I'm here again!

In my last post a few weeks ago I was musing about running with a friend, it meant I had to repeat week one three times eventually but I actually think it was a good thing. My friend started too and it's brilliant, we encourage each other and celebrate each little milestone. We are at a fairly similar place fitness wise which is important, I slow her down a little but she thinks that helps her!

So, we are now on Week 3, run one completed on Monday and it was, surprisingly, easier than I thought. I am still running extremely slowly but I guess that's fine? Still better than not running, right? I would rather complete the run, albeit at snail's pace, than have to stop because I have no breath left :D

Anyway, looking forward to catching up with everyone and off to do W3R2 in a little while!!


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11 Replies

  • Snail's pace is great..don't knock it! I was the original Grey Snail :)

    It works...slow works... you get where you want to be, in your own time and hopefully injury free. Well done both of you :)

    It is great that the twosome works for you.. she will benefit from going a little slower.. it is very easy to push too hard sometimes.

    Good luck with your run this morning..it is pouring here...hope you are drier... and remember,

    " Whether it is a 14 minute mile, or a 4 minute mile, it is still a mile " :)

  • Thank you for your kind words! I am so proud of myself for even getting this far, the program is fab, just when I think I can't manage any more, I find that I can! The support from this forum is a massive help too.

    It's raining here too :/ hey ho, it's not too heavy so it could be worse! :)

  • You just get wet... we get used to it don't we, us runners :)

  • Congratulations both of you for all completed runs!

    I cannot disagree with Oldfloss, a mile is a mile, slow or fast. It is just as far ;) Most important, both of you faaaar ahead from those on the couch!

    Often slow means also safe, so just keep going. Anyway some runs are faster, others are slower. Speed will come with time and different training techniques, when you (actually we, as I am on week 3 as well) get there.

    It is raining? So you have 2 in 1 with free shower ;)

    Enjoy it anyway!

  • Run 2 completed and it was good! Not too much rain at all, just a little slippy under foot. We kept it slow and surprised ourselves by how comfortable we felt after! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Well done both of you.😊

    Slow and steady is best. Its a great program and really works...enjoy your successes. xx

  • Thank you! I am so excited to think I may actually be able to call myself a runner one day!!

  • You're doing great - keep it slow.

  • Thank you, I am so pleased with myself for getting this far!

  • Slow is best! Lovely that you have your friend to run with too. Keep at it, you're doing great!

  • Thank you so much, it is wonderful how much support I have had from you lovely people! x

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