First Post Grad Run - it was great apart from the lady runners !

I was a little concerned as I didn't have Laura (I've left her as I think she was seeing lots of other people behind my back, both men & women too !) with me this morning for the first time, just had my music and Runkeeper for company.

I stuck a countdown timer on my phone and set it so I could run for 33 minutes. I had read somewhere that you shouldn't up the time by more than 10% which I hope is right !!

I ran 5k in 32.39 - I have no idea if that's slow, ridiculously slow or tortoise pace but I am now managing the distance with ease.

I have no great pace but a lot of durability.

One thing that was disappointing was that I said good morning to two pairs of lady runners who were running in the opposite direction about two minutes apart.

They saw me, wouldn't move out of the way at all whilst taking up all of the pavement and when I said 'good morning' wouldn't even make eye contact or acknowledge I was there. No headphones, no excuses, just plain rude.

I had to move out of their way as THEY were coming through. Very disappointed with that.

Bar the unpleasant ones, it was a great run on a great morning.

Right then, lunch then the golf course awaits.


Ps I am gutted about the rugby !

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15 Replies

  • 32.39 is a fantastic time. I can only dream of those sort of times. Well done. I must admit I have a grumble when other runners are like that. I tend to find it happens more at the weekends all I can think of is they maybe only get one run a week and they are so focused they don't see me but I think I am being a bit kind. Happy running.

  • Wow that is a speedy time. I'm just back in & my 5.07km took me 40.32 mins! Well done.

    Like you & RFC I do get a bit peeved if people don't respond in some way, but the ones that really grrrrr me are the dog walkers who just look the other way, in which case I make a point of saying good morning to the dog in a rather loud tone of voice (unless it looks grumpy too......)

    Keep up the great work ☺

    Ps Don't worry about Laura she's the same with everyone! Lol

  • Noaky, I am a dog walker too but I know my nature is considerate and social !!

    Thanks for stroking my ego with the time thing, not bad for a 50 year old croc !!

    With regard to those women, I think realffodie that you are doing what nice people do and that is give them the benefit of the doubt - I think they are selfish individuals.

    Maybe they are too scared to talk to men as they may think that I will come out with some sexual comment / pose / innuendo / flash my bits etc etc (as the Daily Mail would have you believe that all men do now !).


    Edit : So Laura's a bit of a sla**er then ?

  • Don't get me wrong Richard, the majority of the dog walkers & in fact folks in general are really pleasant in my wee town. I even had a lady dog walker today say "wow that didn't take you long" As I passed her for the 2nd time.

    As for men potentialy flashing their bits...... well I have a response ready but never ever needed it!

    Re Laura, lets just call her "popular" ☺

  • Great time I'd say, richard and as for the lady runners - just rude imo! I like that most runners and dog walkers acknowledge each other where I live and can't help feeling a bit miffed at some peoples rudeness! Happy running.

  • PS I too am gutted about the rugby! Please feel my pain - my husband is Welsh!!

  • Richard that's a great time! Rude people are few and far between where I run. If its raining there's only runners and dog walkers daft enough to be out. I have seen other runners out and some don't speak or acknowledge me but others do.

  • Hi Richard, that's a really good time, you should feel happy with that! I'm hoping one day I may achieve a time that good, a girl can dream hey?! ;-)

    Runners don't tend to say hi in my neck of the woods, occasionally you may get a small smile, so I wouldn't take it personally. It would be polite to let you pass though!

    Happy running.

  • Wow Richard ! That is an EXCELLENT time ! You are a racing snake , thats official , I would be flippin over the moon with that time . Well done !

    Pity about the lady runners, some people are just so rude ! I have tried to make contact with the runners I have encountered around here , and they have just blanked me , although the ladies do seem to be a little bit more friendlier than the men when they deem to look at me at all. Generally , I find that most men I have come across ,either avert their eyes or just look straight ahead , why , I dont know :-(

    Anyway, dont let them take the shine off a fantastic achievement , and yes I am flippin' gutted too about the rugby too ! I just hope we can pull it out of the bag against the Aussies, stranger things have happened ! :-) xxx

  • Larua is a popular lady, what can I say.

    How rude!! your right no excuse!! It does annoy meant payment hoggers.

  • Several runners around here are in the zone enough to not say hello. Others are very friendly. What really bugs me is when a biker comes down the sidewalk. Once I was out running and a bike toting a kiddy-caboose that took up the whole sidewalk came barreling at me. I had to run up a steep grassy hill to get out of the way (and ended up slightly twisting an ankle).

  • you have no worries on the time front , that is pretty good going :) so far no negatives regarding crossing other runners , except last winter where one ran into me but he was very apologetic :D

  • I have Welsh friends who are now considering whether to cross Offa's dike in force to the sound of stirring martial songs by Budgie. Apparently the Japanese have similar ideas with the Indian Ocean (and have also decided to march to the beat of Budgie, in the hopes of thereby later cementing a Welsh-Japanese alliance). Scary stuff.

    As for rude folk, they come, they go, you mostly never see them ever again. And your time really is good. I have a nephew who does it in something like 21 minutes, but he cheats by being about that age, and by having wasted his childhood in swimming pools etc. It's at the faster end of us "old-git-beginner" times, though.

    If you hear the following, don't even pack a bag; just grab a bag and run for the hills:

    (Don't be deceived by the friendly runnability of this tune. If the Welsh start singing this, they mean business)

  • We r gutted about the rugby too 😕!! That is an excellent time for 5Km - I did a parkrun in 36 minutes (and I had fear and peer pressure to maximise my speed)!! Sorry about those rude "ladies", perhaps they were overtaken with admiration for your running style and rendered speechless! I have found fellow runners to be friendly so hope u run into some encouraging people next time. Total wisdom about the slow increase in run time. Already learnt that the hard way by increasing mine after graduation from 30 to 40 minutes (following a 10k plan), result ouch sore knees, silly me. Julie

  • Similar time to me. I have been worrying it's too slow but I am now focussing on working towards to 10k. 10% rule is 10% increase of total distance covered in previous week. Keep to that for 3 weeks then up by 10% again.

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