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After graduating last week thought I would keep going on my holiday in Portugal, so getting up extra early and managing 4laps of the complex approx 3k it's a bit hilly . Really enjoying it . I miss Laura and think I will go on to another podcast soon but just want to enjoy free running, to improve on this new found way of life at the moment . This is from a person who shuddered st the thought of a 90 second run in the early weeks of c25k

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  • I'm off to Portugal in 2 weeks. I'm also thinking of packing the running shoes...

  • we are staying just up from the old town Albufeira Eden resort loads of hills , there are a few tracks to run , so go for it, lots of people out running jogging, it was too rough to run along the beach, which is what I would like to do, got a few days left may achieve it ,

  • We're going to Eden Resort too!

    Is it nice?

  • Yes the apartments are really nice comfortable and modern, nice complex 3and a half times round main road was approx 3k according to Fitbit . Lots of walking a shuttle bus takes you into town it only takes 7 people at a time but he comes back for the remaining goes 4 times a day so we walked mainly ,site shop very basic and expensive . aldi lidl up the road , wifi in rooms code on TV that's why I'm on here at present,

  • Brilliant..go youx

  • Ooh I like Portugal. What a great way to get into running postgrad, doing it on holiday!

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