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Stick with it!

Completed week 9 run 3 last week!

Felt great!

I started C25K in the first week of December.

I've had a few days off with a cold and a busy work schedule but kept listening to Laura's advice and can now run 5k in 31 minutes.

Fifty years of age and have never done any exercise since I was nineteen.

Week one was a complete shock to the system, I was shocked at how I struggled to jog for even one minute!

I have never posted before but feel it's my duty to give encouragement to all the guys and gals who are just starting or mid way through C25K.

Stick with it, it works!

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Well done! Now go get your graduate badge :)


Fantastic ! Well done to you !

Many Congratulations to you and Happy Running ! :-) xxx


Maxeeee, that is just amazing. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you (with the added bonus of having kicked my nicotine habit in December). It's lovely to hear about the journey's of the graduates as it gives us puffers some hope that we can do it too!

Thanks for sharing :D


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