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frosty clean morning, up and out early as I had a meeting at 8 am in Maidstone.

noticed that this time it felt more demanding on the body and was begging Laura to say slow down on the penultimate 90 seconds run. however on reflection I was persuaded by a pixie to run two minutes on the first 90 second run. I have decided to comply from now on in and follow the programme to the second !!! was delighted when at the end of the run I startled a woodcock up from under my feet felt connected with the world and happy ( if a little achy )

noticed on my rest days rhs Achilles Tendon is experiencing a dull ache from an old injury hoping this is healing

final week two run tomorrow morning

Keeping at it determined to run my first Parkrun in 8 weeks time


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Brilliant Nick.

Sounds like a lovely run; it was a tad chilly this morning..took me by surprise anyway!

Bet the woodcock was surprised...:)

But,what a great way to start the day and set you up for your meeting though :)

Watch that tendon.. I wear a support, as mine is weak after tearing it!

Good luck with your next run too

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Nicely done Nick - your Parkrun will be here before you know it! Keep on running :o)

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Well done! I agree that sticking to the programme is best. I try to resist thinking I can stretch it- plenty of time for that after graduation!


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