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Disappointing Run - now history!

After the hic-up yesterday, went out this morning to have another go and completed the run. The first two 18mins sections went well, the last one was bit of a struggle - but enjoyed it. The loop I run means that the 5mins cool down walk is actually a 17mins uphill slog. This was 20mins walk but each time I go out I manage to run a little further up the last, very steep hill.

Up to now I have been happy with my average run being 6k, occasionally managing 10k. But decided to give myself a new goal of 10k at least once a week. The Sami Murphy B210k has been a great help. Usually when I run I listen to an audio book, so having music is a little different, and as Miss Wobble said the music is good.

Rest day tomorrow then another run on Saturday prior to an afternoon of being a couch potato while watching the six nations.

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The lyrics are meant to inspire you when you need some ooomph or moral support for flagging limbs. It could be Beyonce telling you she's a survivor or Rhianna with her amazing Pon d Replay. I love Starry Eyed Surprise! Pink's one about going out with the girls is hilarious! Shakira is well nuts! It never fails to make me laugh and smile. Sami is short on talk though, but what she does say she says with feeling, eg "I'm pretty sure we're kicking a little butt". Too right we are Sami"!


You like all the same tracks as I do! Good podcasts these!


They are really motivating. Just the right words when you need them. They really help give you a boost. Much of the music was completely new to me


Yes, me too. I've learnt a lot actually, by Googling lyrics to find out who a particular song is by. I'm OIC and really missing the music as much as the running.


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