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Disappointing Run

I have been following a B210k program, now on week 4. On Monday ran for just under an hour and felt great. Went out this morning, perfect running conditions but after 10 minutes felt awful, legs like lead and breathing heavily. Decided best to return home. Normally manage 3/4 runs a week with no problem so this was bit of a shock. Yesterday I spent all day working in the garden - digging over the vegetable patch and cutting back some trees, surely this would not cause the lack of energy today. I cannot decide whether to try again later today or rest up and have another go tomorrow.

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Don't give up on a run! It can be saved! You just walk, or stand still, to allow your breathing to return to normal then jog on. It can take a while to settle into the run and hit your stride, so stick with it. You might need to take a few breaks but that's fine it's better than giving up on it ☺


Thanks for advice. I think I will rest up today and head out tomorrow, maybe I had overdone the digging yesterday!


Hi, As Miss Wobble has already answered your question, please may I ask you one myself?

Is the B210K a podcast and if so where did you find it? I graduated C25K a couple of weeks ago and have been playing with 5k distance since but would like something more structured to move me to 10k. I use a ipod so need something I can download onto this.




I am using the Samantha Murphy B210K. The link was downloaded from HealthUnlocked - but quite a while ago. I have tried to find the link but have had no luck, but I did download the link to my dropbox. If you try the following link this might work. You might need to open a dropbox account, but once there you should be able to copy the files to your ipod.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the link, I will try uploading it from my home computer, don't think work will appreciate me using theirs.

Can't wait to get started now.


Here's the link to a selection of podcasts I shared from my Dropbox account ... Have fun :-)


Thanks Andy, that's so thoughtful.


I am sami's biggest fan. These podcasts got me to 10k and I have used them with monotonous regularity ever since. If, and when, I listen to music on runs it is always with these. Some great music. I posted the playlist on here a while back 😊

I have a veg patch ☺ Picked a lovely mess of fresh spinach yesterday to put in the curry


Some days, runs are just like that. Lots of things can be to blame (hydration, state of mind, weather, inadvertently starting out too quick, route etc).

Try not to focus on it as a negative.

I am also on the B210K and had a wobble the other week. It was such a tough run, I started to doubt myself and the programme. However, the following run was fine, coped without a problem. I think the trick (like with c25K) is not to over think it, just focus on going steady and completing the allocated time. (Don't think about speed, distance etc).


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