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A moment in time...


Got up earlier yesterday morning as we were heading home..

It's been a super week in the tin tent, some excellent weather and glorious surroundings, it would be great to have Lady Margaret's Park at Chirk in my running area! Hey ho!

Up before 7, and although not as sunny as Thursday, it was dry, with the faintest hint of mist, fast disappearing over the trees as I warmed up . Sky a dullish slate blue, but, the merest suggestion of sun to come. I still have the remnants of a cough, but like so many of our friends on here, feel I just have to get on and get through it!

I met some early morning dog walkers on the way to the entrance to the park. Inundated last evening by a tide of weekenders, in caravans and motor homes, and so many dogs!

They looked faintly surprised to see a small grey personage, hat pulled down, buff pulled up and the funkiest running tights ever! Tales to tell the 'missus' when returning for a cup of tea in their van!

I took Laura and Speed with me, and took the same route as Thursday, except I ran on the grass track leading up to the Oak avenue. I felt a frisson of excitement in my tummy, when I started the first five minute run. In my last post, I described the magic of the Oak trees and I couldn't wait to get there. Haven't done Speed for a while, but it suits me and Saturday morning was no different. A good steady pace and keeping in step nicely. I reached the Oak trees quickly and because I intended going right up and round Chirk Castle, I did not linger, and kept going, into the intervals.

I love these intervals, and the 165 bpm suits me very well; after a few repeats, the slower 150 seems very slow. So, not looking around too much I kept going, past the gatekeeper's cottage and up towards the castle. It is a lot steeper than I thought, but because of the change in pace, it seemed not to be a problem. The base of the walls of the Castle grounds loom heavily above the roadway and the trees provide additional support. Formidable, yet not, combined with the lovely mellow stone from which the walls are made.

At the Castle entrance, I turned for home. The run was going well.. easy breathing ( I only cough when I get back ), light steps and a feeling of utter freedom. There is something very special about being in a place like that and feeling like you are the only person there! The Speed podcast is a good one I feel, and not too challenging, although I think now, I am ready for something new.

I had tried to time my run to finish in the Oak avenue, but I was there quicker than I thought, so did the last two intervals by way of repeats, up and down the avenue, and then abandoned myself to wandering around the great trunks of the oaks and picture taking. Because I had completed the podcast, I then, spent some time just jogging slowly up and down through the line of the trees. The air was cold, but refreshing..my father always used to say, " ...the air's like wine.." and it was; pure clear draughts, filling my lungs and chasing those germs away... I noticed lots of small holes and openings in the base of the tree trunks..hidey holes for fairy folk.. I took some photographs and then had to, again, reluctantly, head back to the site. I jogged slowly, all the way back,( it was downhill), :) finishing with a quick walk, only when I reached the site.

A good run, clean, quick and satisfying.

It would be a truly marvellous thing if we could bottle times like this, store them away, and open them up on a grey day, releasing the sublime feelings of a precious, happy moment in time.

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Gorgeous Floss, it sounds like a very special place that has captured your heart. I'm sure that won't be the last time the fairy folk of Chirk get a load of your funky running tights... ;) beautiful write up as always, of a lovely run. You bottle that one up and keep on savouring it. X

Sounds a lovely run and having visited Chirk I could easily picture the surroundings you described, it is a lovely place.


Hmmm she tells me to slow down then I read she takes speed on her run! . . . . Only joking 😀

It sounds like you had a great run Floss.



:) :)

But I only do it every so often... you run at a decent speed for most of your runs, and for the whole of the run, not just short intervals...:)

I would like to try to get a tad speedier, but more importantly, I want to keep working on increasing my distance, and that I think will be just continuing to build up stamina.

It's just brilliant being able to run anyway.. however we do it. :)

Thanks Bobx

Glad you've had a great hols with thrown in running adventures! Brillant stuff old floss ( my predicted text always makes you old gloss!)!! Lovely write up as usual, and liking the new photo of you, is that rock climbing or

hug a rock day??!! 😆you look spookily like I thought!!!

Just got another day off today after race yesterday so off out to try those legs out in a min with the dog Hopefully somewhere pretty!😊

OldflossAdministrator in reply to aliboo70

It was brill...yep, that is me, sort of rock climbing,/bouldering on Stanage Edge last year. I was, once, ( hard to believe, I know,) quite a good rock climber.. Husband and I... every weekend and school hols,North Wales.. or locally in the Peak..happy times spent in a small tent :)

Son in Law now in charge... he would like to get me started again!!! Not sure... but may have a go!

Did not want to put a full frontal pikkie.. might scare folk.. maybe if I find a good one :)

Have a super day off.. you and dog :)

aliboo70 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks old floss !lovely and sunny here. Off out again in a bit down the seafront all being well if mum fancies an outing, dad is off to visit her and sometimes we can get out in the sunshine if she feels well enough and happy. Hope so! George flicking between sunny window and sofa as he keeps overheating!

I've never tried rock climbing-you are v adventurous! Have a fun day x

OldflossAdministrator in reply to aliboo70

Sounds delightful... How great... over heating.. I like the sound of warmth!!! :)


wonderfully descriptive as always x

I too have a bad cough - but am OK when outdoors - running / walking /cycling - just when I come indoors I cant seem to stop! hope we both get better soon!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jeleybelly

Maybe we are allergic to indoors!

Yes..both better soon 😉

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