Secrets of Spring... and new friends

Secrets of Spring... and new friends

Firstly, heartfelt apologies for the lack of support, to all the runners I have neglected, shamefully, over the last few days. The only excuse I have to offer, is that of a technical maelstrom. The trees, fields and nothingness, were, simply, too much for my computer and my phone. Normal service is resumed...home again. Congratulations, all those who have Graduated, all those about to Graduate, and all those just setting out on the journey to Graduate!! I shall catch up over the weekend! 

My run.

Tuesday was the day. I have been sensible, taken note of sound advice, rested. iced, elevated, and exercised... and I felt ready for a gentle run.

I woke fairly early and could see the sunshine trying to peep through the blinds on the tin-tent....

Firstly, Beloved and I put the world to rights over a morning cuppa... and a couple of biscuits. Then an extra cup for him, in bed, whilst I got ready to head out.

I was trying to be fairly quiet, well, it was before seven, as I let myself out of the van, and into the sunshine. The site was still, not too many happy campers; ( the roads to this site are farm roads, and farm traffic used.. which means they are very, very muddy)!!! It puts some folk off..not us though! 

It was an absolutely glorious morning. Huge patches of blue sky hiding behind the biggest, fluffiest clouds... great, soft, woolly sheep floating high above; the sun already showing through and giving a welcome warmth to my shoulders.

Speed was the chosen companion...short and sweet. A five minute brisk warm up... treading lightly and softly when I passed inhabited rigs. I was a little worried how this would go. The crocked knee manifested itself, last week, only in a, going upstairs or a, getting up from sitting position, no problems walking... so.. a bit of a leap or a run of faith was on the cards. I cannot lie, I took Laura with me. I needed her reassurance and I am not ashamed!

So...halfway round the perimeter of the site, I started the runs.. five minutes, before the intervals. I think I may have held my breath when I started, but all seemed fine. It was so different; no-one around at all, a new route, new lanes, new field and tracks to explore. I know the area very well, but only from walking or cycling.

This was different. I was a runner, in a known place, but now, as a runner... and running to see if I still could :)

Two days sunshine had opened the leaves in the hedgerows, tiny, tiny, glowing green leaves, whispers of Spring, and fat shiny greeny red buds, opening, ever so slowly in the early sunshine. The fields, green and lush here, and full of sheep... Mothers and babies and so many sets of twin lambs.... The ewes, hardly raising their heads, the lambs staring and curious, as I ran past, quickly and lightly; I was amazed. My breathing was easy, my steps were light and quick, I was concentrating on landing gently. not pounding, and ran, in the first intervals, leaning ever so slightly forward. Unusual for me, but it felt very comfortable. There was a slight incline on the lane as I headed towards an open field. un-gated and with a track around the edge. I ran down one side and then back to the lane.

I love is short and it suits me very well. I enjoy the slightly faster 60 seconds in the intervals and it seemed as if everything was going fine. Up to what we call the Triangle. An old farm dilapidated, yet inhabited, broken down sheds and outbuildings, overgrown and hidden under a thick covering of ancient ivy. It has a beauty, even in the decay of neglect and age; and in contrast, on the opposite side of the lane, new Barn conversions, warm stone, cosy, long and low, like Welsh long-houses, land sold off by the farmer...and developed by those with a taste for rural life...?

This was running at its best, at least, for me. I had, even in a short, seven days, missed it so much and this was simply perfect.

Everywhere was quiet, a Spring morning, holding its breath, just in case the chill remnants of Winter should find it. Phantom fingers, moving the smallest branches of the trees, the throaty call of a mother sheep to her lambs, the muffled sound of a dog barking, and the hum of farm machinery in the far distance. 

Round the Triangle down towards Conker Row, (yes I have names for lots of the places I go to ); incidentally, I have five Horse Chestnut trees, ( about six feet tall), grown from conkers, picked up in this lane; they are growing on land which was ours, but now belongs to daughter and son in law, ( he who was running with me when I was abducted by aliens)...You need to have read my posts to understand that one!!!)

Sorry, really rambling there... back around the other side of the triangle, up the very short hill and back towards the lane. I had made the Triangle faster than I thought. Three more intervals to go, I had kept in time with the podcast and it felt good. I finished the intervals by doing a couple of repeats, back along the lane and then on. I decided not to push myself too hard, but instead of the five minute walk at the end, because I still had to run back to the site, I jogged very gently back, taking a quick detour to take a few photographs.

A lamb stared, wide eyed and unmoving, at me through the fence; I do not think it had seen anything as odd before.

I had a very short, one sided conversation with it, and surprisingly, two other lambs came alongside, they had not much to say either, but it was wonderful! Jogged back to the tin tent... folk stirring as I made my way back to breakfast.

Would the knee be okay?.The next day would tell, but gosh, it was so good to be out there again. :)


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45 Replies

  • that sounds lovely! So glad youe knee is behaving!  great to read you posts as always with the fantastic descriptions, i love  to see all the animals when i'm out and about, i was talking to ducks yesterday(the dog was taking a great interest!)  and horses at the weekend, all kinds of things !! Even saw a Woolly pig last weekend, in the part of the route called "the woolly pigs" by the run leader, i now know why!! like these!

    never seen one of those before!

    Glad you are out and enjoying your runs :)

  • Those are Mangalitsas. We used to breed them. Uniquely, their fat is beneficial to your cholesterol balance. The lard commands a higher price than the meat. In the US you can charge hundreds of dollars a kilo for it.

  • i think they might just be pets, only one there at the mo with another pig,  they were alongside some shetland ponies! very unusual :)

  • Very unusual...hope nobody needs  their cholesterol balance sorting!!!! Eeeekkk!

  • Your knowledge about all sorts of things never ceases to amaze me Rignold!

  • And me.... thought I knew a bit..but hey... he leaves me standing!

  • You are...truly awesome... you know a lot of things.. about a lot of things...!

  • Well you learn all sorts of things on this forum!! I have never seen one of those before. Interesting....

  • Me neither!!😊😆big size in pigs and friendly!gave it a scratch 😊

  • Not sure if this will work:

  • Wow.... so cute..and good for you too!!!! Bit like me really... :)

  • Steady....:)

  • This forum truly is amazing!

  • It was... knee seems fine!! Woolly pigs... wonderful! Talking to animals.. sometimes... a whole lot better than talking to people! :)

  • Good one! Amazing. I wonder if you need to brush them? Also wonderful coats... Like astracan

  • "I love Speed."

    Me too, but gave all that sort of thing up years ago. Double scoop of pre-workout and a strong coffee is the closest I get these days.

  • But.. the difference is.. you are young, fit and awesome.. I am old..not so fit and I am completely un- awesome...( yep.. that is so, not a word...but it applies! ). I have to get it where I can!!!

  • Lovely post, Oldfloss! You can really feel the happiness and joy in being able to run again. Glad you're back out there! We missed you😎

  • Thanks you.. I missed you guys too! So glad to be running again...

    I have to accept.. I run, I write, and that is it really! :)

  • Glad you have managed to get out there again. It sounds like a lovely run and you always describe it so beautifully. Hope there were no after effects on the knee.

  • Not so far Ully... fingers crossed. So much to see and absorb... :)

  • Nice to hear you are back out there, and also back with us, with your words of wisdom and encouragement 

  • Thanks sweetie... I love just being out there and sharing it all :)

  • Lovely post, I like the descriptions. Glad the run went well.

  • It did...thanks :) I simply cannot help the writing, it just sort of runs out there with me :)

  • Such a lovely, descriptive post. It's like I was there too. 

  • You were, I take folk with me.. thoughts in my head... and all of us out there..:) Thanks youx

  • See, you inspirator you xx Fab post, glad it's all going well xx

  • Tee hee!!! 

    Thanks you... I am relieved... to say the least.. out tomorrow, weather permitting. Field run! :)

  • My dear Floss, lovely to see you back in the fold again xxx

    Beautifully written post as always, and I am so glad you have managed to get out again. Fingers crossed theres no after effects with the knee .

    Welcome home ((( )))

  • Thank you...Well I ran again Friday before we came home... all well, ( post that run later) and if this mist clears will be out in a short while today!

    Glad to be up and running:)x

  • Glad to hear the knee is holding up. Always a joy to read your posts, it's almost like running along side you. x

  • Thank you big fella' x

    I am relieved... as I get a bit older, I do worry a little that things won't resolve...but fingers crossed, it all seems fine!

    I do take my friends with me on runs, think of you all a lot, when I run..imagining folk out there doing the same as me :)

  • What a lovely post!! I hope I can get as much out of my running one day.

  • You will...been reading your post.. you are already getting a lot out of it...!

    i just can't help it.. the running just frees all my thoughts..if you read any of my posts, I ramble on a lot... but hey, that's just the way it gets me :)

  • Good to hear your knee held up Floss. Do you mind me asking, which shoes did you wear, the tigger boots or the old ones? 

    Lovely description, as ever m'dear x

  • It was good🙂  I wore my old wearing the others around and about but not for running😩

  • Excellent!! Hopefully you've found the root cause of the knee problem then. Shame about the tigger boots though, but some things aren't meant to be. 

  • Indeed! I think my bouncing days may be over... no matter I shall wear the old faithfuls...faithfully :)

  • Lovely post. I could smell the air....

  • Fresh, clear and wonderful!:)

  • You sound so happy to be back out there running! Great that the knee is behaving. Hopefully it was just the new shoes.

  • I am sure it was... the old faithfuls will be the order of the day for a while!

  • Brilliant Floss. I have been worrying about you, so its lovely to hear that you had a successful and enjoyable first trot out on your troublesome knee.

    That run so early in the morning sounds magical as if nature itself was just stirring.

    Glad you had a lovely holiday. 😊

  • Thank you x , Have had a run Friday and a longer one Sunday, which was really enjoyable. Just taking it steady...:)

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