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W9R3....what a 9 weeks


I'd have never believed that when I was doing W1R1 I'd ever get to this point. The weeks have flown by (as do the months and years when you get to a certain age!!).

I was really looking forward to todays run and managed exactly 5.0km in 00:30:14 which is more or less where I wanted to be.

Not quite sure what to do next, will probably just keep doing a coupke of 30min runs a week for a while and see how it goes.

Goodluck to anyone starting the C25K, it does work, I don't quite know how, but if I can do it then everyone can.

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Congratulations on graduating! Here's to the next stage of the journey🙂!


I graduated last week and have downloaded Couch to 5K+. Its with Laura again, which I really like. Just come back from my first run and, although I felt the run was a bit slow in places, Im sure the podcast is building up my speed. You can always give that a try.

You are doing brilliantly with the distance you are covering in 30 mins. How do you find that out? It was easier when I was running on a treadmill as you could see the distance.

Congratulations and well done you.


Wow, that's excellent! I would definitely let yourself settle in to 30 mins x3 a week and see how it goes. You could always try mixing it up with some intervals, trying very slow slightly longer runs? A good regime some people like is one easy run, one interval run and one very slow longer run a week.. other people like the c25k+ podcasts


Fantastic, and a brilliant graduation time too... You need to think about your next goals 😎


Congratulations.... bask in the glory and then hit the road Graduate :)


Graduating and hitting the distance- superb!

Will look forward to hearing how you keep going, I've just finished week 5 and I'm starting to believe that yes, it is working :)

What a run!

To get to 30min in 9 weeks is hard work, but most people can manage it if they stick to the course. To make 5k in those 30mins is something else again. Many congrat's on making it!

I think solidifying on some 30 min runs for a few weeks is a great plan, while you decide where you want to take your running from here.

Very well done!



Marvellous. Well done a fantastic result. happy running


Well done on graduating - reaching 5k in 30 mins at the same time is fantastic!

Enjoy the freedom of running as you want!


Well done and a great time. Very impressive!

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