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W9R3 done!

That's it! I've done it! Not quite 5k in 30mins. Managed 4.48k so will keep working on that but I am so chuffed! Looking back it is just incredible how this plan works. I am so grateful to this forum for all the help and support. I run early morning as if I leave it till the evening I might not actually do it and there has been many a morning when the alarm has gone and I really did not want to get up and get out there. However, a quick look at the posts on here and that soon gets sorted! Just knowing there are other people out there going through it with you really helped. On my final run this morning my I spent the time reflecting over the last 9 weeks and realised what a journey it has been. I thought I might summarise a few of my thoughts for you....

My happiest memory

Completing W5R3, the dreaded 20 mins! I think this was when I realised how far I had already come and that I might actually get to running for 30 mins.

My worst memory

Week 8. Don't ask me why, I just really struggled with this one from start to finish

My best advice to people starting the plan

May seem obvious but invest in some decent trainers. I did this at the beginning mainly because I suffer from curvature of the spine and wanted to do everything I could to minimise the risk of injury. I got my gait analysed and bought the trainers accordingly. I am fortunate enough to have not incurred any sprains or pains (apart from the obvious aching) right the way through the 9 weeks and I am sure this is partly due to having decent footwear. I might add that as these were quite an expense for me all of my running clothes have been very cheap-mostly Primark. I have found this stuff perfectly adequate

Body shape

Weight loss has been fairly minimal but my body shape has changed significantly. All of the dreaded 'overhang' above my waistband has disappeared. This is an added bonus! I decided not to change my eating habits too much as I just enjoy my food too much!

The way forward...

I now plan to keep running for 30 mins 3 times a week and reassess myself in 9 weeks. I am looking forward to doing my own playlist I must admit but a also aware that I may miss Laura and her advice. I also need to make sure I keep myself motivated. At the moment I plan to do that by remembering W1 and how hard it was to run for 1 min. I do not want to go back to that level of fitness again!

Anyway, sorry for waffling on. This has been quite a journey and thank you to you all for being on it with me. Good luck to anyone doing the plan. Stick with it, you really can do it! Now where's that graduation badge?!

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Brilliant, Mightymegs, well done! I loved your post, it is an amazing programme, but don't forget its you whose put in the effort and got the rewards you deserve. Enjoy your post grad running x


Thank you so much no-excuse. I intent to and will stay tuned in here for even more motivation :)


Congratulations! That's a very inspirational post... Keep us up to date on your future runs... You did it and now you can do anything!


Congratulations - I bet you feel amazing! Enjoy your runs.


Thanks so much for your reply's. Happy running to you too!


Well done on your graduation - this is your reward for all the work you put into it. Enjoy your success - you've earned it. Good luck with your post graduate running and best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo. You are one of the people that have been on a sort of similar timescale that have kept me going. Double thanks to you and keep doing what your doing! X


Hey mightymegs, good onya girl! Sooo thrilled for you! A brilliant post too, really encouraging. I'd have loved to have read this when I was starting out! Can see your graduation badge sparkling in this lovely sunshine....


Aah thanks tomlertoos! I have my first run with no Laura in the morning so am looking forward to how that goes. All the best to you for your future running


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