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Gadgets and apps?

Hi all,

As a self-confessed geek I am very interested in what apps/gadgets you all use? I use the following:

- garmin vivoactive

- when the wife let's me open the wallet again :-)

- garmin connect to track just about anything/integrates with vivoactive

- strava for the recognition of runs in the same place so it tells you how you are improving

- smashrun for a great way to visualise all the running data

- myfitnesspal for counting calories

I did try the garmin Vivosmart with the built in HRM and it was great, but I wanted a GPS. Of course, now I have bought the Vivoactive they release Vivoactive with inbuilt HRM :-).

I also run with my iPhone so I can listen to my tunes.

What do you all use?

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Garmin 610 (got a deal from )

Flashing lights round my ankles (early morning runner), so I can shout with justification at the cycle ninjas who think no lights and black "low" viz is OK!!!!

I phone 6 for the tunes (bit of lump but ok in my pocket)

Wrap around headphones (£5 in Sports Direct)

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Garmin Forerunner 10 (very basic but it usually does the job pretty well except for this morning when it reckoned I had run through a flooded field and a river!)

Garmin Connect

Strava (for the competition aspect and seeing what my cousins are up to!)

Google Sheets spreadsheets for keeping track of all the data in one place.

Spotify on my Galaxy S4 for all my playlists (I can't be doing with iphones/itunes etc)

Pair of Aukey bluetooth headphones... bit fiddly at first getting them to fit but they're perfect now. And I can pause my music by putting one finger to my ear!

I heard about smashrun a while back... may have to take another look. Never heard of scosche!


They do a wrist/upper arm heart rate monitor which is reckoned to be pretty good (according to google at least).

I tried a wrist based HR (VivoSmart HR) but it wasn't great unless I had it on really tight which was uncomfortable.

As for a chest HRM - ugh - the idea just doesn't fill me with joy.

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I used to wear a chest HRM when I used to go to the gym. I wasn't keen.

The thing I would like is something which accurately measures my cadence. This would probably mean upgrading my Forerunner to something rather expensive!


I just looked on Amazon for Garmin footpads and they are around £40 - which is quite a chunk. I can recommend the Vivoactive (around £120) which has GPS and the inbuilt accelerometer and what-nots to measure cadence. They are about to bring the second generation out which includes inbuilt HRM for around £200, hence the low price.


I have Endomondo on my Lumia phone which I also use to play my running playlist on, a £5 watch/stopwatch on my wrist - a recent purchase as I'm now training for a 10k using a Bupa plan instead of podcasts/apps and £3 sports earphones from ebay which I've had for a couple of years. I am the cheapskate runner personified, even my trainers - Karrimor Tempo 3 were £18 down from £80 lol.

Thats what I love about running though, its ok if you can afford all the latest gadgets but its fine if you can't either. As long as you've got half decent footwear and can get out the door you can run! :)

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Sorry... just my 2cents... Whilst I can accept you like your gizmos and gadgets, it may be worth pointing out to everyone going through the C25K program that very little equipment is required to listen to the podcasts... an MP3 player will suffice or even a stop watch.

It is of course possible to throw money at any sport or activity but the sewing a seed that we need loads of kit costing £100's of pounds may not help.

I think people starting out should be safe, have reasonable running shoes and have loads of encouragement which of course is free in buckets from here.

Happy Running :-)


Hi Andy - "sowing a seed that we need loads of kit costing £100's of pounds" really wasn't my intention, or I think the message or my post :-).

I do agree you need hardly anything, which is just one other reason why running is fantastic!


The only device I use apart from my mobile phone with C25K app on, is a cheap hand held "stop watch" to time the segments ! it tells me all I neep to know ! When I start "Park Run" I will invest in a "Tom Tom" running watch.


I use the following:

MFP for calories

Garmin 225 for my runs ( avec wrist based HRM) with the Garmin connect app

timing app

sunrise app ( sunrise and sunset times)

Lupine head torch

Met office app ( for the weather)

BBCiplayer app for downloading Pete Tong

Instagram to post my running pics

Mywellness app for the gym

I am the app queen!!!


I have a Fitbit Charge HR for daily wear,

Garmin 220 for running wear (I have a HR band - but not bothering with that at mo).

Run keeper app (to track walking and runs)

Rockmyrun app (for running music)

Fitness22 apps for exercises and 10K runner app.


I just use my Fitbit HR and the iPhone at the moment.


Thanks all for replying - a few new apps have been mentioned which is great.


When I did the programme it was just the c25k app on my Samsung phone with access to my own playlist (really prefer my own choice of music to someone else's!).

I now use Runkeeper (free) on my phone. If I'm running in the dark (!) I sonetimes use the Zombies Run! free app for a bit of fun!!


Zombies in the dark - brave! I was idly thinking about using that app post c25k (alternating with the bridge to 10k if appropriate). I know some people use the zombie app for c25k but I really like the structure and gentle encouraging tones of the c25k app.


Yep, I agree, I just used the C25k app before graduating!! Might be fun in the future though!😀


Suunto Ambit 3 - because it locks GPS so well and I destroyed my Garmin with a lump hammer (because it didn't)

MFP - more for macros than calories

Beyond The Whiteboard - for tracking workouts

and most important: old school paper logbook and pen to religiously record every rep, run, how I was feeling etc.


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