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Recommendation on a heart rate monitor?

Hi all,

So now I am a _serious_ graduate runner :-) I am considering heart rate zone training, which means I need a heart rate monitor. And, to be frank, even if I didn't _need_ I still want as yes, I am a just a big kid.

Anyways, I have a garmin vivoactive watch (the one without the inbuilt HR) which listens on ANT+. The two models I am considering are the or the

Any recommendations on the above or others (that can connect to garmin)?


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Oh dear.... new toys.... :)

I think if you are heading for bigger things.. you need to really check it out..,like is your house large enough for all your new gadgets... :)


If your wife needs a space to live.. I have a room :)

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Mmmmmmm maybe should not of read this post.  I was going to come on here and say I'm really happy with my Garmin chest strap that links to my Garmin 220. It's comfortable a never seems to spike. ( some of my other ones did). But then I clicked on the Mio link and it's tweaked my interest.  I like the fact it would link with my forerunner 220 while I swim.  That's of a real interest to me, hehe now I have to look into things and maybe start saving 😀. 


Why not just have a proper sports watch with a HRM starp and have done with it?


I have been looking at these too, even though my basic Garmin chest strap is working well.  I was leaning toward the Mio Link, but then I noticed that DC Rainmaker recommends the Rhythm plus.

A word of caution though, HR monitoring is addictive and tricky! 


Thanks all :-). 

I should have said - I really don't get on with chest straps and I experimented with a watch with integrated heart rate monitor and it was either loose enough to be comfortable or tight enough to be effective - never both unfortunately.

I am leaning towards the Scosche Rhythm+ at the moment...


I have the Garmin 235 with built in HRM which appears to do a pretty good job.

However, when I start running my heart rate goes up and when I stop it goes down...

Trying to run in specific zone is tricky I find... I tend to run to how I feel and let me heart do what it wants. I wonder whether tracking respiration would be more useful (in my case anyway) :-)

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