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C25K + is fab

Just a quick post to say that this weeks running has been another breakthrough for me. I did all three of the c25k + sessions. Monday speed. Wednesday Stepping stones and Friday Stamina.

I was a bit worried about the stamina, but needn't have been.... :)

The last two times I've been out i havent had that tricky hard to breath bit after the first 5 or so mins. Just settled immediately which is soooo exciting...

I thought about Floss and how she enjoys the stamina run and her description of her last time out. :) thank you Floss and all who advised me to have a go at the C25k + I'm loving it.

Did the same route as Wednesday but with an extra loop at the top to the playground and back. The llamas were lying down today, and there were two emus near the fence..

So 35 mins running today and i feel fab.

:) :) :)

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Go you... well done!

Sounds like you are having a great time!

Glad you are enjoying it and perfecting all those skills!

It is fun to mix and match isn't it? I was missing Laura a bit, so I took her with me and did Speed yesterday. Need to write the post!

Looking forward to your next post too...Love the idea of running past Llamas and emus... it would make a lovely change form the sheep :)


I'm really glad to hear another thumbs-up for the Couch25k+ podcasts! I'm wondering what to do after graduation and this is definitely on my list (although I may just get comfortable with running 5k for the time being :) ).

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Floss inspired me to try the stamina too Jan. I do it once a week now and it is making a difference. Haven't tried the others yet though. Great to have something to help you improve after graduation, isn't it?

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