GNR was fab

Had amazing time at GNR yesterday. Still on a high. Even bumped another Notbad c25ker outside metro station. What are chances of that . Great start to day . Pleased with time 2.49.48 but even more pleased I enjoyed every minute. Was bit slower than planned but really really hot so decided to drop pace from start. Glad I did because felt great all during race. Ran it all apart from planned stops for water etc. Last mile was probably the hardest and slowest. Don't know how anyone can do sprint finish! I just seem to get slower when I see the count down in metres. 2 highspots in last mile that spurred me on - a woman shouted 'great technique Rona ' ( not sure if she had glasses on but made me smile) and saw grandchildren waving and cheering near finish line. Feeling fine today apart from quads letting me know about it when going down stairs. Thanks everyone for donating and support. Thanks to your generosity I have raised over ยฃ950 for North Children's Cancer Research Fund. Can't wait till next year!


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  • Well done FF60! That's a terrific effort on all fronts.

  • Thanks Dunder . Really pleased how much I enjoyed it and felt so good. I can always work on time - or not

  • Woohoo well done on everything, so glad you enjoyed it. I know the next day hobble with stairs but like you say so worth it. I am so pleased for you.

  • It's quite funny rfc as walking about is fine so you forget until you come across stairs - or get out the car - or off the loo

  • Well done - that is really great!!

  • Thanks Daghar I was dead chuffed

  • very well done FF :D looked like an amazing day on TV

  • Thanks Rob Still got to watch tv coverage so looking forward to that.

  • Sit back and enjoy it FF :D definitely a great one to have taken part in :)

  • It was a great run, wasn't it? I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and you really ought to be pleased with that time. Considering the heat and all the distractions it's a really good one.

    Were the grandkids excited to see you? I've heard today that a friend of mine had to go back and run the last 3 miles twice because the kids missed him the first time round...

    Next year we are really going to have to try to plan and meet up - we'll have to agree to all start from the same lane of the motorway to begin with (Dawn and I were both in what's usually the Northbound lane) and work out how to identify each other from there.

  • Goodness Adam he must really love his children. I was really lucky to see family on last stretch It gave me such a boost and they were cheering and waving .Made all training worth while. Yes I had tried to remember what everyone was wearing - lots of people had posted photos of T shirt on FB page - but cos of weather most folk had other tops on so that didn't help. Elaine's bunny ears really worked to identify her.

  • Brilliant FF60!glad you had such a successful day!

  • So pleased Ullyrunner. You just never know how a run will go but somebody was looking out for me yesterday. Added bonus that Brody was so well this weekend.

  • Ah - the running gods were smiling!

  • Well done on all fronts.. for the run and the money that you raised :-)

  • To be honest found the running much easier than the fundraising Andy. Very uncomfortable asking people for money but just kept thinking of what Brody has to go through on daily basis. Overwhelmed by peoples support and generosity

  • Brilliant Rona well done and fab time it was so hot ๐Ÿ˜… x and amazing how much you've raised xx

  • Yes Dawn I usually love the heat but not when running

  • Congratulations - ยฃ950 is brilliant but enjoying it is even better.

  • Oh well done you. That's fantastic. Xxx

  • Thanks Toonlou

  • Fantastic news :) glad you enjoyed it, when it's warm it's a real killer! Hopefully next year we won't be passing each other in different directions on the east coast mainline ;) Hubby really enjoyed his whisky tasting though. I fancy doing the 5k on the Saturday next year, still don't fancy a HM again! Do you have any pics?

  • Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh Lovefood. No pics I'm afraid. But I make fleeting appearance in very short video . If you go to North of England Children's cancer Facebook page you'll see me at very end Wearing bright orange and waving to grandchildren

  • Well done. I'm so pleased it lived up to your expectations. Linda

  • I think it went so well because I wasn't going for a time so pressure was off and I just ran . Don't like running in heat but seeing the dun does make you feel good.Felt relaxed Linda

  • Massive well done Rona, you did something extraordinary and brilliant. Your family must be so very proud of you. :)

  • Was great experience Ancient mum. Family are great and so supportive

  • WEll done Fitfer! Great job. So glad you enjoyed it. It looked fantastic fun from where I was sitting in my armchair. Hard work of course but what an achievement.

    Have a good rest!

  • Great fun miss w All you could see was a sea of runners in front of you and so many spectators . Never seen so many people . Great music and bands on way round. Loved it

  • Well done FF, sounds like you had the pace just right to enjoy every minute of it. Congrats on the money raised too, great stuff! x :-)

  • Thanks No Excuse . I'm not fast at best of times but Sunday showed me that even slower at start is way to go. I wasn't even out of breรกth so probably could have gone faster but really really enjoyed that pace so sticking with slow.

  • Hi Rona, sorry I'm a bit late posting don't get here much these days. I was so made up to see you at Haymarket - what were the odds of that in 57,000??! I'm so glad you enjoyed the day - I did too, what brilliant crowd support. Hope your son-in-law did well too. You should be really proud of the total you raised and the determination that got you to the end. xx

  • Son in law did just over 1.30 He's pretty fast Sorry didn't have much time to chat - need to sort out parkrun and coffee again soon .dont know where time goes. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

  • Brill time! It was pretty manic last Sunday morning but what a day to remember - I don't parkrun these days but if you come down and run it I'll get along especially, hopefully Lovefood can get along and join us too.

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