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accidently done w6 r2

I was on w4 r1 then went away for the weekend and clicked on the wrong run when I got back - I managed it tho - red faced but I still did it! I think I must have been looking at the next weeks options and left it on that option so when I opened the app just pressed play and didn't look!

i'm going to cheat slightly a go off plan and count that as W5 R1 (which I know isn't the 8 min x2) and do r2 another time then r3 maybe... then move on to week 6 or if anyone has a better suggestion

and also got orthotics (to help with ligament damage and extremely flat feet) to try out for two weeks and after that I should be able to run outdoors!!!! woooo

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Well done you, that must be encouraging :)

Think I would definitely do week 5 because it's got the progressive runs. Run 3 @20 mins is rather daunting but sounds like you are progressing really well :)

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thanks! im really worried about r3! a whole 20mins! arghh lol

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Well done! That's quite a jump. It's good to know you can do it though.

I would probably go back to W4 though. The point of any progressive plan is, as the name suggests, progressions, not being able to tick off steps by jumping ahead. Its as much about building strength in muscles and joints etc gradually as having the puff to run for X time.


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