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Definitely stamina building

Well the weather here in Galway is wet and windy. I am unsure whether it was harder work running into the wind or holding myself from flying along with the wind behind me.........

Plus a big thank you to the big dog who ran straight at me about 5 minutes in forcing me to pull up short and sharp.............

But yes I carried on regardless I did not manage to speed up for the last 60 seconds this time. I was just grateful to have made it to the end without stopping. I did not briskly walk the 5 minutes but gently wombled the 10-15 minutes to walk home. While running I was fine but I did notice my shins complaining for the first 3/4 minutes of the cool down walk. Not pain but letting me know they were there I suspect I was a bit tense while I ran today. Still it is under the belt now just one 25 minute run left!

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Well done craftywomble.

A good tough run will certainly be stamina building. .:)

Bet it feels good to have done it though!

Do you have a bit of a stretch routine when you get home.? I always do some leg and upper body ones and half started doing heel drops (careful not to dip too far and toe lifts which helps a bit.

Your legs are bound to protest at these regular longer runs. Enjoy your rest days

drink plenty of water and good luck with your next run.. hope the weather improves up there. x

You are doing brilliantly :)


Love the wombling! Those weather conditions sound enticing. Well done getting out there and taking on the elements and the animal life. Would have been very easy to curl up with a book and a cup of tea but c25k has us doing things we wouldn't ordinarily choose to do.

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