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Just a wee update/ intro to 5k2WKW

Just a wee update/ intro to 5k2WKW

Just started running again!

Started with a gentle walk/run of 5k-ish last Tuesday, did around the same on Wednesday (both with my partner who's not yet finished the C25k).

On Saturday I fancied an AM run to myself, the first run I'd done in the AM for yonks but one of the best. I remember well around 1.5k I was thinking *I'm never reaching 5k* but then a few seconds later *yeah right, you know you're capable of this*. These two conflicting thoughts said this to each other throughout the run, gradually getting louder. I almost had to turn up the music to drown them out but didn't want to damage my hearing.

I ultimately managed the above. Further than I've run since, probably, the last post some time ago.

I've started running again to keep fit but given I'm determined to run 3 times a week again I thought I might as well have some target, but I'm not sure what it is at the moment so it's the '5 k 2 Who Knows What'.

I'm thinking I'll up it by .5k each week so this week (given the above run was last Friday) I'm doing 7k, 7.5k, 7k then 7.5, 8, 7.5 | 8, 8.5, 8 | 8.5, 9, 8.5 | etc.

We've got the Wolfrun in April sometime, I think I'll be on 10/10.5km by then so should manage it alright, looking forward to it anyway!

On Monday 29th (i.e. today) I did the 7km in 34 mins at about 7pm. It was a nice run through streets around where I live and it started lightly raining at 5 or 6km which was lovely. On getting back I had a nasty sort-of knotted feeling in my stomach which turned out to be trapped air. I don't know if it's related to the run, suppose I'll see on Wednesday for the 7.5km. Looking forward to it anyway.

Hasta luego


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your 7k is quicker than my 5 speedy :)

sounds like you'll be up to 10k before you know it

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Thanks Jeleybelly :)

I've managed 10k once before but would love to be able to do it three times a week, and maybe one day I'll be running a half marathon a week. I'd like to have a route to do a 13.1 miler before attempting the Cardiff half for example, something I don't think many non-professional runners tend to do! On every run I remember Laura pushing me through the week 5 20 minute run ha.

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