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Am I a runner now or just a persistent plodder?

I've just done the first run of week 8, so 28 minutes, and it was fine - rather boring (I really do need to get brave and leave the treadmill) but OK. I could have done 30 minutes or more (but I didn't because I had to sort out the kids' breakfast). Does the fact that I can manage that sort of time without stopping and without feeling wrecked mean that I'm actually turning into a runner? I'd like to think so, but I'm not really convinced - I'm more of a shuffler or a plodder. In my heart of hearts I know I need to get a lot quicker to qualify as a real proper runner, but I'm pleased to have reached the status of persistent plodder now instead of the wheezing, pained, carcass dragger of my initial attempts. That's progress!

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Absolutely, you are a 'running-in' /trainee runner! You are still in the process of building your fitness, stamina and may develop a stylish running style eventually - when everything comes together! LOL

To be honest, I could never ever find a clear distinction between jogging and running - Google it, you'll have a field day! :D I reckon that plodding and jogging are probably a bit different too.... But, consider for a moment: backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl and butterfly - they are all undeniably ways of swimming .... So shuffling, plodding, and jogging are almost certainly forms of running! ;)

I graduated on a kind of mixture of steady plodding and jogging - I did the half hours, so no worries! It is only relatively recently that I felt daft enough to attempt a sprint up a local hill (not a good idea to 'dare' me, my friend!) ... something I didn't even attempt mid last century in my schooldays. Imagine my pride and hyper silly, smug grin when I got to the top, knowing full well I'd upped my pace considerably, and belted uphill. Well maybe it wasnt rocket speed, nor a Mo Farah style, but my legs were lifted off the path and my body moved faster than for 50 years! (Don't ask about the face colour :D )

So, my dear... Yep, we mature folk can do it, in our own way, in our own time, in our own inimitable style... But do it we WILL!

Happy running to your graduation soon, oh, and try to get outside once in a while - there's a great interesting world out there waiting for you. Cheers, old Linda x


My next run is W7 R2 and like you I can only pold along (hence my blog name). But compared to when I started the programe ...well what can I say progress in deed. Yes I'm still about to collapse at the end of each run and my face is beetroot but I know from all the blogs it will get easier. Try getting of the treadmill and find a nice route outside. I always plod along a nice quiet route through woods with good paths but not too isolated . I find it not helps me to plot my progress as I go further but the peace and quiet is good for the soul . :-)


Run outside! It makes all the difference and you actually FEEL like you're covering distance because the scenery keeps changing. You hear birds tweet. You see things moving, like cars, people and other runners like YOU!

So well done for getting to Week 8. I've just finished it and I reckon you ARE a runner. So well done once again,.


You're a runner. Or at least a jogger. Anything that isn't walking, is a jog in my book. Be proud and don't bring yourself down by saying you haven't met this mythical 'runner' ideal. You do your best, and that's that. Sod 'em.

I second running outside. I find treadmills impossibly boring. Please try not to worry about people looking. You do get used to it, and realise that most people are quite friendly, or at least not bothered. You get to enjoy a few more birds, dogs if you like them, nosing in people's gardens and front rooms if you choose a pavement route. Much more interesting!

Good luck with your journey.


Of course you are a runner. I also shuffle and jog but always tell myself I'm out running. Well, so far as I'm concerned, of course I'm running. I agree, though, about running outside. I always do and the fresh air and scenery help to clear my mind as well. Running combined with a form of meditation, plus improved health. Three for the price of one. Can't be bad. Good luck with your future runs.


Thanks all for your encouragement!


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