Finally got my trainers back on

So after not running for 16 days due to a very bad cough and struggling to find motivation after not running for so long I finally decided today was the day to get back out there and it was great I did week 5 run 1 thought I would see how I would go and I smashed it. Was so happy at the end of it beat my distance and pace from early weeks. Very happy ☺ motivation back 👊

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  • Well done! I'm down with a cold now, can't wait to get better and back out there. Did you pick up where you left off or repeat a run?

  • I was goner repeat a run but thought I would start were I left off and see how I went I thought I was goner struggle but I managed it fine i really enjoyed it ☺ .

  • That's great! Good luck!

  • Well done :) glad you fully recovered ..

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