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W7R2 done - a war of wind and wobblies!


Well... That was a pesky run!

Found myself struggling to run against the wind zapping my energy, Shrek's swamp was still, um, swampy, I think I set off much too fast for the first half of the run, then had a short bout of the wobblies on the second half - a right crotchety mixture of internal moaning - too hot, starting to ache, Lauras blinking watch has stopped, why isn't it as much fun as the last run, I'm thirsty and so on... And so on.. And so on...

Managed to imprint that poppypug quote on my monsters, inhaled a little confidence and exhaled the doubt for the last 5 mins, slowed right down and re-focused on the surroundings, determined to finish the time... but didn't exactly sprint finish in style and it was more of a brisk crawl, than a walk home to be honest! :)

Not a bad run, just a tougher run. Very pleased to have 'banked it in my legs' as a lovely forum lady says, and still eager for R3... Minus the wind and wobblies! ;)

I'm almost tempted to get one of those app thingies that tells you pace and distance - not to dwell on how slow, or not hitting 5k, as this isn't important to me until after graduation, but more to help me know if I've been faster or further than normal on a particular run to explain why ones I've done before seem tougher and more tiring. Think I will resist though, not overthink it... and just crack onwards and upwards!

Enjoy your runs all x

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Well done for pushing on, some runs just seem tougher but hey, one run nearer to graduation! As far as apps go, I use Runkeeper on my phone. Didn't use it until after graduation but I think some people do use it prior to this - just run it in the background. It's nice to see progress.🙂

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Ah, thank you. :) Will definitely check out Runkeeper after graduation... I really don't want to put myself off with finding out rubbish stats before making it to the end of the programme. ;) For now, blissful ignorance is the way forward!

How have your runs been this week? Do you still do 30 mins? 5k? The + podcasts? Am getting to the stage now (Just 7 runs left as Rob just told me..) where I can see beyond graduation and want to know what's next! :) x

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Running-scared

After graduation I worked up to 3 x 5k a week. I am now doing 2 x 5k plus a long run at the w/e (up to 10k). I graduated at the beginning of October last year. Love trails and anything muddy! I kind of focused on distance and my speed increased naturally as I got stronger. Where you take it after graduation is up to you - the fun bit is finding out what you enjoy!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Hmmm, interesting Sandra :) That sounds like a very solid, do-able, but challenging plan of action - great stuff, good on you! I think something like that might work for me too, I like the idea of a longer weekend run and would love to achieve 10k this year. Like you, I think my "thing" is going to be trails, mud etc... I don't enjoy road running so much... Or hills!

Anyway, you're an inspiration and I'm getting way ahead of myself... There's still week 7 to finish, then 8, then 9... :)

Thanks for sharing your experience and progress, is really good to know x


I know what you mean about Laura's watch, I'm sure her "run minutes" are far longer than "cool down" and "warm up" minutes, they go on far too long some days.


Oh yeah that blooming wind !! Free resistance training :) it can almost make you feel like you aren't actually running forwards

So well done you for getting through that and the wobbles , you have got it right about over thinking it, take your rest day, re group and do the next run :)

7 runs to graduation :) just to keep you focused ;)

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks Rob, blimey... 7 runs til graduation! That's exciting and scary all at the same time.

It's decided, I will think no more of this one, ignore the glinting, shiny App Store and keep plodding on til graduation! :)


Wind...not good...any kind!

Well done you for pushing on through it, getting rid of the pesky little gremlin monsters...You are doing so well...moving on and through all your issues, like Shrek's Swamp..(love it).

Incredible progress...forget about, speed distance or anything else, just get to that finishing line...

You go for it... with you ALL the way! :)x

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Floss. :) All these outside elements make each run a new experience for me... I'm learning that some are simply fantastic and others not so much!

Next run Sunday for me... Last run of week 7 eeeek! ;)

How about you? Did you run today? Pesky work in the way of my post reading today! X


Ran yesterday... you replied to me! :)

Clearly, you are so over excited at the idea of heading into Week 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeek!

There are good days and not so good.. but a run outside,,,in spite of hazards is brilliant...blows those old work germs clean away! :)

Looking forward to your Sunday post!!!!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Of course you did Floss! It's been a long week ;) think I'm losing the plot a little, a small glass of wine is required! In that case, I hope you had a lovely rest day today and enjoy your next run :) x

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Running-scared

Glass of wine..very good.Very medicinal!

Yes..had a rest day..walking in the Peak District..cold,blowy,but fantastic...

Run tomorrow..weather permitting! 😊


Well done, Running-Scared! You've got it cracked now and it's great that you've taken to outdoor running so easily. It's funny how you can never repeat a run, sometimes everything just comes together and it's fun. But you can almost guarantee that the next run will be a struggle! I don't know whether that's got to do with our expectations or just some weird "law of running".

It is a bit frightening how close graduation is getting. I keep reading posts from people on week 6 and find myself thinking "That sounds tough" or "Wow, they're really far" and then it hits me - I've already done that week, plus a bit!

W7R3 is more of the same - I hope you get that kick again!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

It IS weird isn't it! Well, with our laws of running I reckon we're due a fun one next ;) think you might be right about expectations though... You're flying so high after a 'good' one you kind of forget it's not supposed to be easy all the time!

Yay, we really are getting close! :) Confess to getting a bit ahead of myself with graduation not a million miles away and looking like a very real possibility of being achieved... Making loose plans for the C25K+ podcasts and even sneaked a look at a local 10K event today... It's not til October, so I think it might be do-able - eeeek! :) How about you? Have you drifted into thinking about post grad plans??!! X

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Running-scared

Yep, I was thinking about it on the way home today. I want to get up to 5k regularly, say twice a week with a longer run at the weekend. So that's going to be the first aim. It might take a while as I'll need to get faster. I can't spend much more than 40 minutes in the morning, that's only 30 mins running with the warm up and cool down. Might have to skip the cool down and just do some stretches at home. I fancy the c25k+ podcasts as well, but won't go straight into them. I'll need to consolidate my running first - I'm still not convinced a longish run 3x a week is sustainable. But there are loads of graduates on here who do it, so there's hope for me yet😎

The first 2 weeks I'll just consolidate and enjoy. I'm on vacation in France the third week and would like to do some running there. See something new.

And it would be really cool to get up to 10k in the long term.

I'll miss the structure that Laura provided. The programme is good because you know it works - when I'm doing things alone you never know. But that's a confidence thing!

I won't be joining a running club - they take their running seriously here in Germany. But there is a "company run" every year in Munich and my company puts a team in. You get proper training and coaching 2x a week as well (for free). I'm toying with the idea of doing 5k. It could be really embarrassing with all my fit colleagues though, so maybe in 2017!

But first I've got to get through the next 6 runs - without injuries or colds. I know I'm pushing it a bit running every other day. Especially as my days off also involve a fair bit of walking. But hey, the human body was made for walking AND RUNNING. Not so sure mine is - but so far so good!

Exciting isn't it👍

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Sounds great JaySee :) Agree - no running club for me either, but I hope to do park runs and perhaps stalk a local running buddy at about the same level as me there - over time. Like you, I think I'll need something to keep me motivated once Laura has gone. Check us out... Planning the next before we've done the now - it's exciting! :)

Love the idea of your company run... And why shouldn't you go in for the 5k? I know you can do that... And even if your colleagues are a bit fitter, I'm sure they'd encourage and support you along as part of the team. The free coaching sounds pretty good too :)

Sounds like you're managing the every other day runs really well, but you're right, perhaps go a little easier on yourself in the run up to graduation. I'm also trying to run every other day, but am hoping I'll just 'know' when that's too tough and be sensible about rest days ;)

Did I miss Kim's post? I think she was due to finish Wk7 today... Always look out for you two... Willing you both on... And everyone else too ;)

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Running-scared

Kim just posted - she can't get out😰 I really feel for her. Hope she finds some way of keeping it up.

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