Manchester Winter Run

Manchester Winter Run

'Ello cake lovers!

Not posted on here for a while as not much to tell. Still running, still making cakes, still not eating them :-(

I've signed up for the Cancer Research Manchester Winter Run and wondered if any other C25K'rs were taking part?

Been slightly hampered by a horrible chest infection the last couple of weeks but hoping to be fit enough by next weekend to give it my best shot.

Malteser anyone???


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70 Replies

  • Hope you're feeling better in time! I didn't see that one, but I'm doing the resolution run in Heaton Park on 6th March for the Stoke Association.

    Best of luck anyway :-)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Wow that looks fantastic, well done you on the cake (making & not eating!) & the running :)

  • Thanks Vicky :-)

  • Hiya Sazz !

    Good to see you on here again my gorgeous girl ! Cor , that looks a flippin' masterpiece ! You are soooo talented !!! Clever lady xxx

    There was a time when I could probably fit all those Malty babies in my mouth in one go , but alas , no more ! :-)

    You must have a iron resolve to not want to get stuck into that !

    I am not doing the Winter Run , sadly. I was toying with the idea , but I had to have some work done at the dentist ( 3 teeth out :-( ) , plus I had a gimpy calf, and my Pug Rocky has to have his six monthly blood test at the Vets , so in the end I decided I just couldn't afford it :-(

    Girlyswot from here is doing it , not sure if anyone else is :-)

    We are having a big meet up though at the Great Manchester Run in May if you fancy that ?

    Hope you feel better soon, lots of dreaded lurgies around at the moment :-(

    Good Luck and let us know how you go on, and don't forget the photos ! :-) xxx

  • Hey PP lovely lady! I'd be impressed if you could fit them all in your cakehole - there are 438 on there!

    Just checked the diary and it looks like I won't be working the Great Manchester weekend for once - woo hoo! Will see how this one goes ( my first 10K) and might just sign up!

    Bloomin' nuisance being poorly so soon before but I'm on the mend now and will hopefully be fit for it. Will let you know :-)

    Hope your mouth not too sore :-( :-( :-(

  • Ha ha ! Okay maybe I was slightly exaggerating , just a bit, mind you ! :-)

    Oh it would be great if you could do the Manc 10k , it was my first one last year too ! :-)

    You will be fine, cross my heart , promise xxx

    Take care and Happy Running ! :-) xxx

  • Oh, I miss your lovely cakes on here Sazzle - that one looks amazing! ☺ Great that you're still running. Not near Manchester and foolishly didn't sign up for London Winter run thinking I wouldn't be up to 10k (when I was!!) Hope it goes well☺!

  • Fingers crossed Sandra - might treat myself to a piece of cake when I finish!

  • I'm sat here with a huge box of maltesers left over from Christmas (wishing I'd eaten them in December)!

    Glad to hear you're still running. Let us know how the winter run goes :)

  • I will my lovely :-)

    Hope you're well xx

  • Yes - good thanks. Still progressing. Believe it or not, I've generally been eating lots better but this week (half term) has been terrible for junk food!!!

  • Hi there Sazzle. Great to see you here again and your gorgeous cakes. That cake looks too good to eat but I might have to have a nibble. Just one mind!

  • It's never just one........ ;-) x

  • Mmm yes please!

    Good to hear from you Sazzle - we've missed the cakes!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • hope you are fit enough to run

    I'm up in Manchester to see my sister, so thought I'd run while I was there.

  • Ey up Saz!!!! Cor snazzy cake that!!!! It's making my teeth hurt from 'ere!

    Well done for showing such restraint! Still your client would notice missing Maltesers I reckon.

    Glad to hear you're still running!

    On the day of that Manc run Pops, I'm doing the Cardiac Hill thing. Shucks!

  • Oh the infamous Cardiac Hill !

    My run will be a lot less taxing Miss W :-) Mind you ,last year I got to 9.5k and I had to stop for a bit as I had sweat and water from the run-in showers in my eyes and when I went to start running again, I hit " the wall ".

    I had to practically drag myself over the finishing line ! Ha ha :-) xxx

  • hi there

    yes ill be there next week!!


  • Excellent! Good luck Gra :-)

  • will do sazzle have you got your number yet?

  • I have yes - race pack arrived last week - exciting! :-D

  • good see you there!!

  • Hi, yes I will be there, my first 10k ! x

  • Mine too! I reckon we'll smash it! X

  • it will be a great day!!


  • Oh you will all have to meet up and have a pic !

    Girlyswot - Hot t' trot !

    Sazzle - Razzle Dazzle 'em !

    Gra- Go all the way !

    Ha ha, I think I have far too much time on my hands ! :-) xxx

  • Ha Ha PP - I reckon you should come and bring your Pom poms - you can be our cheerleader! Definitely worth a pic I think guys. I'm number 24447 - very large and dressed in shocking pink. You can't miss me :-D :-D :-D

  • I can do more than pom poms , I will rattle my maracas ! :-) xxx

  • nice poppy nice!!

  • Oooooh errrr missus ;-) xxx

  • are you in the first or second wave?


  • I'm assuming I'll be in the second wave Gra but not been confirmed yet

  • yes should get an e mail on wednesday

  • Ha ha like the idea of Poms poms and Poppy being a Cheerleader ! My number is 24093 (not sure what I'm wearing yet - there is likely to be some major indecision) !! x

  • Oh I really wish I was doing this race now ! :-( Cant wait to read the write ups and see the photos ! :-) xxx

  • lol poppypug you are funny!


  • Tee Hee ! :-D xxx

  • tee hee tee hee tee hee lol!!

  • Hee Tee Hee Tee ! :-) xxx

  • ha ha ha ha hee hee hee guffaw!!lol

  • Chortle, titter, snort, giggle, ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • chortle he he he ha ha

    hey poppy ive just joined a gym !!


  • Is it a joke or have you really joined a gym ? :-) I never know with you ! :-) xxx

  • this bloke i saw today...he threw milk and cheese at me for no reason... how DAIRY

    Lololol he he he he


  • Ho ! Ho ! Yep , I like that one ! :-) xxx

  • lol thought you wud!!

  • yes poppy i really have joined a gym!! they have great treadmills and a nice bubble bath!!


  • Ah I can't run on a treadmill , I can't get the right pace , plus they make me feel a bit sick , it's like motion sickness I think . Wouldn't mind having a go on all the different machines though . I do workout DVDs at home instead . You can pause them halfway through and have a cuppa tea :-) xxx

  • hi poppy yes they can be tricky I nearly fell off it yesterday!!

    Good idea re DVD i can see the attraction..!!

    Main reason ive joined is to accompany my wife who joined a while ago but hasn't been going as late so I thought id try some gentle and encouragement!!


  • Aw that's nice Gra ! Doesn't she fancy doing this programme ? xxx

  • well she tried it last year but got injured and really didn.t get back into it...truth is she doesn.t like running but will swim and there are keep fit classes at the gym so the idea is to encourage her to participate in those.. hopefully that will get her back to some fitness..


  • Aw yes ,I love the keep fit classes , you really feel like you've had a good workout . Good Luck Mrs Gra , keep at it ! :-) xxx

  • cheers poppy xx

  • cheers poppy



  • Night Gra, it was good "chatting " to you and Good Luck for Sunday if I don't speak to you before . Have a great run and enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Poppy

    Sorry didn't say night to you was tired and went to bed lol

    Yes I'll do my best on Sunday but will chat to you before then

    Take care


  • No problem at all Gra :-)

    Chat soon xxx

  • Okey dokey cokey hokey lol



  • What if the Hokey Cokey IS

    what it's all about ? :-) xxx

  • Left leg in left leg out in out in out shake it all about!!!



  • It turned my life around PP 😂😂😂

  • Ha ha ! Very good Sazz ! :-) xxx

  • how is it going??


  • You all ready for Sunday Gra ? Are you :

    A : Nervous

    B: Excited

    C: Both

    :-D xxx

  • Why make cake and not eat it ???

  • Customers don't like cakes with bits missing 😁

  • My start time is 10.30am ! Good luck with your run ! x

  • Mine too :-) good luck too, will look out for you, would be good to say Hi and have a pic to show Pops how athletic and good looking we all are. Best be a 'before' pic maybe......:-D

  • I know you are athletic and good looking already :-) You are all runners so you must be !

    Ha ha :-)

    Good Luck Sazz, Girly and Gra ! I wish I could be there with you . I cant even come to watch as I am out most of the day on Sunday :-( xxx

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