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No running for me this week :(

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After beating the Week 5 Run 3 stage last week, I've not been able to get out running this week at all.

I'd started my 20 minute run last week with what I thought was a little bit of muscle pain towards the inside of my calf muscles (roughly where they seem to join towards the front of the shin on the inside leg), and thought nothing more of it just running through it. When the pain hadn't cleared up on Sunday, I decided not to go out running on Monday morning. Now on Wednesday afternoon a week on from the initial pain, it's not clearing up, so I'm ruling out typical DOMS type pain. Looks like I have the dreaded shin splints :(

2 Replies

Does sound like them , bugga !! Hope you recover soon


Poor thing. I hope you recover quickly and can get back out there soon. Hang in there.


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