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W7R1 Take Two

After this morning's ice rink debacle putting a stop to my run I actually went ice skating with my little one today! I was a pretty good skater 20 years ago - today I was bambi on ice!

Anyway when we got back the ground was clear and hubbys work was cancelled so I took the opportunity to get out there.

It was a really good run. So much better than the last run of week 6. I changed up my playlist and weaved around the park in a different pattern than normal as it was still fairly light and I didn't need to avoid the pitch black scary bits. There were no gremlins today and I just ran and ran and ran. Even had more in the tank at the end and really picked up the pace for the final 60 secs!!

After the speedy comments last time I consciously made an effort to slow down.. or so I thought! Pace last time was 6.55 min/km, today it was 6.57. I definitely can't slow any further without it feeling unnatural so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.

I'm on my laptop today rather than phone, hence the new photo (hello me) and I realise I'm an emoji addict! This post requires hundreds and I don't know how to do them on the laptop. I'm having withdrawals (insert crying laughing emoji here).

Right i'm off to walk the dog now. It's all go round here x

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Brilliant - great that you enjoyed it so much! You're faster than me - I average 7.12, but I'm quite chuffed with that at this stage. And the main thing is to enjoy! So glad you made it and are still on my tail😈

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Yay! Well done, sounds like you smashed it! So pleased you managed to get out and get it done.. And then some! :) And if that pace suits you and you're managing the run time, then that's awesome, you're doing really, really well!

Ice skating sounds fun... I admit that on the odd occasion we go, I insist the kids get one of those penguin skater aids... They don't need it, but I do! ;)

You're doing it for the 7's... I'm right behind you and Skinny... Bringing up the rear!

Nat x

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crikey - you're speedy - its nice to be able to get out in the daylight too

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