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Week 6 complete

Up and out this morning as soon as the alarm went off. Glad it was a running day, knowing they boost me for the whole day, a warm little thought to keep hold of and smile about whenever I want to. But I'm aware I mustn't get cocky - looking back at old posts it seems some still fall by the wayside even at this stage. And 25 minutes is a long way. I tried out the runkeeper app (idea swiped from this forum) and it was a little bit ahead of Laura so I knew when things were coming. So a slow start, just as everyone says, slow it down. I was out of sink with the podcast music, but deliberately tried to stay slow and the breathing was easy. But it's difficult to avoid running to the rhythm of the music and I discovered I was speeding up after the first five minutes. It didn't matter, I could still do it. I extended my route a bit, winding through the streets, heading back to the fields for the last 5 minutes. When Laura said there were only 60 seconds left there was still some energy in the old legs so I pushed as hard as I could. Breathing no longer easy, bit like a steam train, but hey it's only 60 seconds. The last km was my fastest (7.04 minutes says my app). And that pleased me because I'd got steadily faster on the way round, without any difficulty. Still not fast, but that will come after graduation.

And now 2/3rds of the way through the programme. I'm feeling better than last week, my knees are not as sore and I will seriously consider running again on Sunday.

I'm looking forward to it already!

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Well done! Hope mine goes as well in the morning. I'll have to check out the run keeper app. I know everyone says not to worry about speed or distance but I'm really curious what I'm actually covering. It won't make any difference really I seem to have one gear only and can never seem to speed up or slow down 😂

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Yes, these apps are really tempting. But slow is good😎


Well done Skinny, that's fantastic! 25 mins is a really huge achievement and it sounds like it was pretty easy for you. Onwards to week 7 for you, you're flying girl! X


I think a one off run is not too difficult. But I am a bit worried about three a week. Will just go with the flow and surprise myself!


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