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Week 2 - achey feet?!


Hello, i'm new to this forum. I'm running (crawling?) The 10k race for life in June so working my way up to it. I am 23 and shamefully 3 stone overweight, although i was really good at netball at school i've always been adamant that i HATE running, although i think that was due to the PE teachers putting us through the hell that was cross country, it was awful and humiliating. I'm following Slimming World to hopefully sort the weight issue... I started couch 2 5k last Monday and dear god, that first 'attempt' made me cry it was so bad. I managed the 4th snail paced jog before walking home and crashing out on the sofa crying and sweating and feeling sick. I went out again Tuesday and completed the whole day 1, not 'well' by any means. By day 3 (sunday) i could already notice a huge difference, which is quite simply astonishing.

I did day 1 of week 2 and i was completely dreading it but WOW it really wasn't bad at all. I ran up a non-steep but LONG hill on my last run which was awful and resulted in me giving up the last 10 seconds which i'm not pleased about.

Today i didnt seem to be really gasping for breath like i was last week, however my FEET are aching horrendously by run 5 and still are now (an hour since i finished). It's a dull ache that doesnt seem to go until i really stretch my foot which gives temporary relief. Have i done some damage here? Or is this my feet telling me they're buidling up strength and i need to keep going? I know a lot of answers will be about footwear, can the wrong footwear cause such an ache?



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Hi Steph, firstly WELL DONE on starting the program and sticking with it even when those 60 second runs are just so awful. I'm no expert at all (only wk6 myself) but lots of lovely people on here have great advice and will encourage you all the way :)

I'm afraid I don't know about achey feet issues, though, you're right, I think the right running shoes for you are very important in helping to prevent injury. I also think that those new to running do get lots of different aches and pains as our bodies just aren't used to working so hard or the impact of pounding the pavements!

All I would say is rest up, put your feet up, your rest day is so important. A nice hot bath may help, but everyone else will have much better suggestions.

Good luck and keep it up!


Thanks!! I do like my rest days however i find after a 'good' session i just want to go out again the next day. I really see how people get addicted to it- i used to put said people down as completely mad!

I've always had issues with my feet - they sometimes cramp and go funny and sometimes i get my little toe go REALLY weird and it goes into spasm. Lol bodies are strange things!

a certain amount of aches and soreness are invariably part of the process at first as your muscles and joints and bones get used to the new workload. Properly fitted proper running shoes are always advisable, but you are still going to have days of sore, stiff legs. If it is very bad, take extra rest days and build up gradually. Stretching after running will help, and making sure you warm up and cool down properly. The key thing is to diferentiate the aches and 'growing pains' from the sharp pain of an injury.

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