W5R3 - gobsmacked and flabbergasted! ;)

Well folks, I feel like the queen of the C25K treadmill! This thing... It WORKS! :)

I was slow, as usual, but steady... I could breathe, and I ran a fast (for me!) extra 90 seconds after lovely Laura said I was done... just because I'm a rebel, I felt like it and I could!!! Unbelievable. Really. I am so shocked. This morning I ran for 21 mins and 30 seconds on my short little legs. ;) Never thought I'd write that sentence in my life!

Next week, I'm heading back outside for at least 2 of the 3 wk 6 runs. Enough is enough. Not a single knee twinge on today's run, I'm ready and I feel sort of marvellous. It's time the streets saw my red, sweaty face again. :) I expect it will be tougher after these last 3 wks on treadmill, but I'm feeling more glass half full, than empty, these days, I think I can do it. :)

Work now gets in the way for me, I'll be working away mon and tues and not able to run. So it's either Tuesday night if not too late home (though I'm not great with evening runs after a 3 hr drive) or weds for wk6, run 1 for me.

Go us week 5 ers!!! And Old Floss, did you make it out today? How was your run? X

Thanks to all for your support, grads - you're the inspiration, newbies - I speak the truth, this really does work, go for it!

Nat xxx


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  • We week 5ers are great. So many are now successfully moving in to W6! It's really motivating to see how many of us managed the 20 minutes over the last few days. Go week 5ers (we'll have to re-name ourselves next week)😎

  • Yay! Thank you... Cmon the 6-ers! X

  • Yeay.....Go YOU!

    That is absolutely brilliant and you should be so proud of yourself.

    I knew you would get there...just pace yourself with your next week's runs... make sure you feel on form for your outdoor venture, and just go for it. Blow the red, sweaty face, if anyone stares, it is because they are jealous! :)

    You have done the hardest bits and come through the running slough of despond amazingly. So proud of you!

    I have this wonderful image of you running like mad on your little legs...

    Thanks, I did get out there.. will post later... yep, another mad adventure from the Grey Snail!

    Well done again!

  • Thanks Floss, going to check out your run story in a sec!

    Yep, outdoor venture... I think the pacing may be tricky, but going to give it my best shot. I think wk 6 starts with walking breaks again for run 1, so it might feel less tough than today's long run. Fingers crossed eh ;) x

  • Well done - it feels pretty awesome doesn't it!

  • Thank you. It really does! :)

  • Eeee! This is getting me pumped for my final run of week 5 on Wednesday. Congratulations on getting it done and then some - going at it for an extra 90 seconds is incredible in my opinion!

  • Go for it, and go for it some more! If I can do it, you can too. And it really does feel like an achievement, good luck and post us your update! X

  • Fantastic! Knew you'd smash it! Good news on the knee too, sounds like it's getting stronger.

    I'll get cracking on Wk6 tomorrow and gee you on for getting out there Tuesday. What better way to unwind after a long day 😜

    Nothing getting in my way this week but the 2 weeks after that my hubby is working away and I'm on my own with 4yr old and dog and full-time working which means opportunities for running are limited to weekends when hubby is home. Bit worried about it setting me back 😒

  • Good luck for tomorrow... You should sail it, I think there's recovery walks again, phew! I really will try for tues night to stay on track and keep close behind you!

    Cor yes, that's going to be tricky when your hubby is away. Wonder if your 4 yr old will fancy a fun game of chase mummy?! But I guess I will be too late after work to do that. My 9 yr old daughter is signed up for race for life 5k with me in June, will start training her in spring when weather is better! My lad (7) is having none of it, it's football and more football for him ;) I think in another 2 wks you're going to be fit as a fiddle and an extra gap will be ok - perhaps legging it up and down the stairs when your littley is in bed will keep you going? I'd loan you my treadmill for a couple of weeks if you're local to the Midlands...

    Nat x

  • I'm in Leeds so a bit far to loan a treadmill . I did find myself browsing gumtree...

    Anyhoo. Wk6. All I'll say is it was bloody tougher than it looks! Storm Imogen didn't help mind but my 20 minute success lulled me into a false sense of security I think.

    Hope you have better weather than me if you decide to venture outside. Looking forward to the update tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  • Oooh a fellow Leeds lass ( if that makes sense ! ) Thats my hometown too ! :-) xxx

  • Hi there, so sorry I missed your update yesterday but well done for taking on Imogen and getting run 1 done, you're doing great :)

    Ah, love Leeds. We have friends in East Morton but as you say, treadmill loan probably not practical. ;) actually, am starting to think the purchase was a bit of a bad idea... I've still not ventured back outdoors, but my excuse for sticking to treadmill tonight was how late I was doing the run. Was knackered from 2 days away and didn't think I'd deal with the extra challenge!

    Will post my run update in a second, but all I'll say is... Felt pretty much same as yours, minus Imogen ;)

  • Brilliant stuff Running scared !

    Keep at it , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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