Week 5, Run 2 - what was all the fuss about?! ;)

Hi All,

Whilst 2 x 8 minute runs aren't exactly worthy of a great speech, please humour me....

I would like to thank Old Floss, whose hilarious and much needed 'tough love' worked a treat, PumpKim, the lovely 'day ahead' lady on here who keeps raising the bar and is my imaginary running buddy in a non-stalkery fashion AND everyone on this forum for the positive vibes - without whom, this run would not have been possible!!! :)

Now in plain English, run absolutely nailed! No bad thoughts, Laura is no longer arch enemy but friend, I even sped up on the last 60 secs of each run, upgrading my speed to that of a rather fit, show off-y snail than a couch potato snail whose just eaten a bag of chips... I am elated. :)

Now, it wasn't pretty by any means, sweat pouring off and I may have burst a blood vessel in my face, and was possibly running slower than my fast walk at some point, but who cares? I didn't stop, or moan - this is a result!

That's all folks (sorry for the boasty post, I'll be back to whinging come Sunday...)

Thanks, Nat x


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16 Replies

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  • Well done, boast away! And great tags :)

  • Thank you, still gloating to myself! ;)

  • Boast on... so proud of you!

    You totally did it... you're on the line now.. well and truly hooked and all it's gonna' take is a twitch upon the thread to get you on track if you need it!

    I would so love to have seen you... can completely empathise with the whole sweaty red face theme... and, having that little bit of something left for the last 60 seconds...wow!

    Do not get hung up on the speed thing.. it is about stamina and taking it slow and steady...( except for the final bursts)...!!

    I love that you think of yourself as a snail too... especially that now, you are feeling like a rather fit show-offy snail.. because I christened myself the Grey Snail on my first posts!

    Will be watching for your next post.. after Sunday. I am due to run tomorrow.. and it has forecast heavy rain again .. what a surprise..not! Oh joy! :)

  • Thanks Floss! If you're a grey snail, then you're the queen of the snails and I'm happy to be in the snail tribe, I'm in good company! Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong, and you get a lovely dry run day tomorrow. So now you're a graduate, it's 30 mins every time is it? That's superb, all power to you!

    And... I have to fess up, nobody saw my red face today. Im still doing C25K on the treadmill with incline on at home just now, been indoors since week 3 due to poorly knee trouble and trying to lessen the hard impact. My goal is to get through the 20 min run, keep building stamina and confidence, then head back outdoors. It's far more fun on the road than the treadmill, I liked it much more in the early outside weeks, even in the rain I suspect. ;)

    Have fun running tomorrow, I'll look out for your update. And thanks again for your support - I'll take that inspirational advice with me into Sunday's mission again :)

    Nat x

  • Thanks you!

    Sorry you have a crocked knee.. hopefully you will soon be out there again..I have never experienced a treadmill..so cannot compare.. I just love the outside.. with all the hazards:)...it gives my strange mind time to ramble on and free itself!

    You are doing brilliantly...keep on in there!

    I am doing Couch to 5K+ and trying to increase my distances and my speeds a tad.. but having had the Bronchial lurgy, am now playing catch up..I managed nearly three miles on Tuesday.. first run after recuperation.. but weather has been against me... and as an old snail, am trying to avoid soakings!

    Will try for tomorrow.. if not it will be Sunday... we can link shells! :)

  • Looks like it's shell linking tomorrow for us old floss, need rubber rings, not running shoes today :(

    Almost 3 miles after the lurgy is brilliant and the + programme sounds like a great idea, good on you! I hope to do the same after graduating this one, see if we can upgrade from snail to tortoise! X

  • You are so right...Definitely was not a morning to run... proverbial cats and dogs here and a strong wind.

    Going to try for tomorrow morning... will be hoping you are out too :)

    Yep.. I was really pleased with my efforts after being ill.. I was sensible and did a couple of walks then walk/jog, the week before I repeated the Stepping Stone.. to make sure I did not collapse!

    I was really bothered 'cos I had done three Stepping Stone and three Speed podcast.. over the weeks after graduation... same style, run one day, day off etc.. but then got the lurgy just as I was about to try the Stamina one!

    So.. am going to do the other two podcasts again first and go on to the Stamina when I am sure I am completely fit!

    ( Poor old snail that I am)!

    You will so love the Couch25K+ when you are graduated...!!!

    Can't wait..tortoise power indeed! :)

  • keep boasting - be proud, well done! :)

  • Thank you, a long way to go, but today I'm proud! ;)

  • Nah you won't. You've got the bit between your teeth now and your mindset will change for the better.

    Take care, go nice and slowly. Steady as she goes. That way lies success at this caper. Enjoy yourself!

    I bet you have a spring in your step now. Good int it!

  • It IS good! :) thanks very much for the encouragement x

  • Well done , doesn't matter how , you did ! Enjoy your rest day or days :)

  • Thanks Rob :)

  • Aww well done Nat. Sounds like you smashed it! And speeding up?! Show off πŸ˜›πŸ˜‚

  • Thank you! I'm beaming like a Cheshire cat still... Am sure those 20 minutes coming up will wipe the smile off my face pretty soon, but I do think today was a bit of a turning point. Go us! We're going to be really real runners - woo hoo! Good luck tomorrow ;) Nat x

  • Well done running scared. No need to be so frightened now you are totally nailing each run. It really is possible...

    :) Congratulations 16 mins.

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