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OK, it was the annual get together in our village of some serious runners on Saturday evening. As I have done before, I was acting as a marshal to the Mild (5 mile - 'easy' - route), and the Wild (10 mile - 'v hard' - route), both on roads, trails and open moorland [Wild] on Dartmoor.

It still amazes me just how fast some of these lycra-clad stick insects cover the ground! After the long trail of headtorches was climbing its way up the first section, it seemed only moments before the first ones were heading back, mud-spattered, scratched from last years brambles and breathing heavily. I watched in awe as the first 10 milers came through before the tail-end-charlies of the 5 milers trundled along. How do they do it?

Congrats to all, and a special thank-you to Ceri and co. for all the organsiation and route marking.

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