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Wild and Mild

I have just spent a wonderful few hours marshalling at Devon's infamous Wild (and Mild) Night Run. The Wild being a 10 or so mile jaunt across [a very wet and very boggy] Dartmoor, and the Mild just a five or so miler. The runners set off at 6:00 and the first ones back passed me, with half a mile left to go at 6:35, and the rest of the run was downhill. HOW DO THEY DO IT? OK, many were stick-insects with twisted sinews for legs, but even so... it's not natural!

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Not natural, but awesome... how exciting!


Hi Sallycycle, two of my wife's former colleagues did it after completing sixteen miles of the the Black down Beast earlier the same day. That really is madly impressive!


Oh, good grief! Just how do people do it? I know WHY they do, but HOW is another matter altogether... Did they enjoy the Wild Night Run?


Sounds very exciting- although I can't help wondering what the sprained ankle statistics are! 😃


I can see what you mean, but I didn't see any hobblers, and as far as I am aware the first aid team were pretty much unbothered! Good fortune, I suspect!!

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