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Been awhile

Nice to be back and see so many newbies doing so well 😀 Ivehad a worrying 3 months with my mum and my little doggy passed away so was quite losses for a while .... but have been keeping up the training in the gym when I can. Hoping to get selected for GNR again and have convinced other half to enter the ballot too .... Fingers crossed. I'm also seeing changes on weight front now 11st 13lb haven't seen this weight for 15 years 😀 Onwards and downwards. Keep up the great work everyone xxxx

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Mum is okay now .... Post wasn't really clear sorry xx


Thanks for clarifying that Dawn! Well done on the weight loss.

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Hi Dawn, sorry you've been having a rough time - hope the running has brought you some release and comfort. Great achievement with the weight loss - bound to help the running!


Thanks Ully the running has kept me sane giving me switch off time xx


Sorry to hear youve had a rough spell Dawn , big hugs ((( )))

Hope you can find some peace of mind in your running , just a bit of head space so you can forget all your stress for a little while xxx

Well done on the weight loss, very encouraging ! xxx


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